Monday, February 16, 2015

Trend Forecast NYFW Edition: Coloured Fur

Coach Spring 2015
(a lot of people have said this collection was a miss but you be the judge)

Every morning in bed I check Instagram to see what I missed in America while I was sleeping and all I've been missing is the emergence of coloured fur at New York Fashion Week it would seem! IT IS EVERYWHERE!
Fur (faux I hope!) is something us Australians don't get to indulge in very often because there are maybe 5 days of every winter that it's cold enough to warrant it, but I do love it so. It's like having your own kitten to snuggle with (that doesn't require food or kitty litter...). The coloured hues are so much fun and the girls are looking so cozy despite the sub-zero temperatures New York is having. Down Under we might have to stick to a clutch like Beyonce's or a fur scarf. I personally am searching for a fluffy pom pom key chain for my handbag in a teal or burgundy.
Keep your eye on ASOS for some affordable pieces, you'll be seeing them in no time!


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