Thursday, February 26, 2015

How to: Wear a T-Shirt at Work

I've come from a notoriously relaxed office environment (which you would never guess since I worked at a University!) but as I am now moving into new, uncharted waters, I have been staring at my wardrobe selection imaging outfits I can dress up/downs/sideways/with bells/ with whistles etc. so I have a port in all storms (yes, I'm going with the sailing metaphor).
One of my favourite things to wear currently is the humble t-shirt. Why would I shy away from a soft, cotton tee that is versatile, easy to wash and un-fussy? So long as you avoid anything overly slouchy, well worn, low-cut or with a slogan (tacky or awesome!); keep your hair neat and wear heels, you're good to go!
Here are my top ways to style a t-shirt so it is work appropriate:

1. With Leather Everything 

Tee at Work

2. With Suit Pants and Metallics

Tee at Work 2

3. With a Bright Matching Short Suit 

Tee at Work 3

4. With a Pencil Skirt and Polished Accessories 

Tee at Work 4

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