Tuesday, February 3, 2015

How to: Wear Skirts and Sneakers

I want to be comfortable. You want to comfortable.I want you to be comfortable too which is why I've put together some inspiration for one of the comfiest trends around: running shoes and skirts.
I'm sure you've seen dozens of street-style snaps of easy going babes tackling Fashion Week's around the globe with nothing but their sass and sneakers, but you don't have to be the coolest girl in the world (so probably French) to pull this look off! Anyone can do it, and while I wouldn't recommend it for work, it is perfect for casual Friday, dates and the weekend.

My top tips are:

  • Keep the colour palette simple
  • Add in something girly, i.e. a skirt!
  • Balance! So if it's a very girly skirt in a floral or pink, throw on a sporty top
  • Wear sneakers... not runners... because you are not going for a run (I assume)
  • Rock a smile. It's a fact no one will ever think you're trying too hard if you have a smile! 

Skirt and Sneakers 1

Sneakers and Skirt 2

Sneaker and Skirt 4

Sneaker and Skirt 3

Sneaker and Skirt 5

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