Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hats Off (Not)

Hats! Glorious hats! I have expressed my love for hats before but since this outfit is so casual I may as well be honest about my current hat wearing phase:
I have all but given up washing my hair. 
Don't be grossed out! I still use dry shampoo like a fiend between washes but since my hair started breaking up at a rate of 2012 Taylor Swift and her boyfriends, I've found it is much healthier if I don't wash it. Sadly, I've found no magical cure for the heat damage I wrought on my locks, it's just going to take time... and hats. 
I have used coconut oil masks which are fantastic if you have the time to wash it out properly. And I mean properly. This is not a great idea for during the week; save it for Friday night so you can hide in your house on Saturday and wonder how three shampoos didn't cut it. 
Back on topic, I really recommend training your hair to need less washing. I also use organic shampoo because it doesn't strip the hair of moisture and I'd been getting contact dermatitis from all the icky nasties in cheap shampoo (because I'm too lazy to invest in anything above $10). Look how shiny my hair is now though! 

Onto my outfit! This Aliphia dress is a wardrobe staple. It's beautifully made, easy to throw on and I'm not ashamed to say I look mighty fine in blue (ooooh ego) 
P.S. My knees look like faces. Little teddy bear faces right? Hahaha

Dress: Aliphia, Boots: Spurr, Clutch: Holiday Purse (similarish here), Hat: The BFF's (similar here)

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