Monday, February 23, 2015

Beauty Review: Hello Hair Mask

If you haven't heard of this product by now then you are not good at Instagram!
That's where I first saw it anyway; in the hot little hands of Jess from What Would Karl Do, who has the nicest hair ever. So if she's using it, I am too!
There are already reviews a-plenty of the Hello Hair Hydrating Mask but I did say I would keep you all up to date with my hair's trials and tribulations as I attempt to cover up the horrendous heat damage I've done to it, so here is another!

Firstly, I loved it. Everyone loves it.
You use it on dry hair which is the best because who doesn't hate wasting water (and patience) jumping in and out of the shower?!
You're supposed to use it 'cool' i.e. not the slippery, oily mess it reverts to in the summer heat, but I got too excited and couldn't wait while it cooled down in the fridge so I was just careful and poured out small portions until I'd coated the parts I wanted done.
That's right, I avoided my roots and I suggest you do too if you have oily hair like myself because it can be a real bitch to get out if you're a lazy shampooer like me!
Leave it on 30 minutes (the longer the better, so I went for an hour with my hair wrapped in a fabulous towel turban), shampoo twice and follow with conditioner. Voila!
I'd used coconut oil masks before so the unusual texture it leaves post wash was expected. It just feels a wee bit... unnatural but that disappears once it dries.
And now my hair feel great. It's so soft and silky!
The horrible split ends weren't covering my sink this morning either! Win!

I can't wait to use it again...and again...and again... 4 uses per pack they say but odds are I'll get 3 since I have long, thick hair. At only $15 (free postage in Australia!) it's a bargain in my opinion, with the added bonus of using an all natural product that is 100% vegan and 100% cruelty free!
Next time I'm trying the Island Escape Edition!
Grab your own here.

I forgot to take pictures but here is a reenactment of how I feel now.

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