Thursday, February 26, 2015

How to: Wear a T-Shirt at Work

I've come from a notoriously relaxed office environment (which you would never guess since I worked at a University!) but as I am now moving into new, uncharted waters, I have been staring at my wardrobe selection imaging outfits I can dress up/downs/sideways/with bells/ with whistles etc. so I have a port in all storms (yes, I'm going with the sailing metaphor).
One of my favourite things to wear currently is the humble t-shirt. Why would I shy away from a soft, cotton tee that is versatile, easy to wash and un-fussy? So long as you avoid anything overly slouchy, well worn, low-cut or with a slogan (tacky or awesome!); keep your hair neat and wear heels, you're good to go!
Here are my top ways to style a t-shirt so it is work appropriate:

1. With Leather Everything 

Tee at Work

2. With Suit Pants and Metallics

Tee at Work 2

3. With a Bright Matching Short Suit 

Tee at Work 3

4. With a Pencil Skirt and Polished Accessories 

Tee at Work 4

Monday, February 23, 2015

Beauty Review: Hello Hair Mask

If you haven't heard of this product by now then you are not good at Instagram!
That's where I first saw it anyway; in the hot little hands of Jess from What Would Karl Do, who has the nicest hair ever. So if she's using it, I am too!
There are already reviews a-plenty of the Hello Hair Hydrating Mask but I did say I would keep you all up to date with my hair's trials and tribulations as I attempt to cover up the horrendous heat damage I've done to it, so here is another!

Firstly, I loved it. Everyone loves it.
You use it on dry hair which is the best because who doesn't hate wasting water (and patience) jumping in and out of the shower?!
You're supposed to use it 'cool' i.e. not the slippery, oily mess it reverts to in the summer heat, but I got too excited and couldn't wait while it cooled down in the fridge so I was just careful and poured out small portions until I'd coated the parts I wanted done.
That's right, I avoided my roots and I suggest you do too if you have oily hair like myself because it can be a real bitch to get out if you're a lazy shampooer like me!
Leave it on 30 minutes (the longer the better, so I went for an hour with my hair wrapped in a fabulous towel turban), shampoo twice and follow with conditioner. Voila!
I'd used coconut oil masks before so the unusual texture it leaves post wash was expected. It just feels a wee bit... unnatural but that disappears once it dries.
And now my hair feel great. It's so soft and silky!
The horrible split ends weren't covering my sink this morning either! Win!

I can't wait to use it again...and again...and again... 4 uses per pack they say but odds are I'll get 3 since I have long, thick hair. At only $15 (free postage in Australia!) it's a bargain in my opinion, with the added bonus of using an all natural product that is 100% vegan and 100% cruelty free!
Next time I'm trying the Island Escape Edition!
Grab your own here.

I forgot to take pictures but here is a reenactment of how I feel now.

Friday, February 20, 2015

My First Piece: Rebecca Minkoff Aria Shirtdress

I did it, I committed to my very first of the 5 purchases per season as part of the 5 Piece French Wardrobe. I held off for as long as I could and bought this gorgeous Rebecca Minkoff dress at the beginning of February (since then I have been a complete failure and bought 2 more pieces but let's ignore that for now...)
I'd put together a list of things I was looking to add to my wardrobe so I would be less inclined to impulse buy (ignore that I bought 3 pieces in one month please!) and I even drew up a list of pros and cons as I was choosing between this piece and some others. Now that is dedication to a plan! Or OCD, one of the two.
A shirt dress was a wardrobe addition I knew I had to have but I was surprised that I picked one without sleeves! I can see so many possibilities though from layering a long sleeve tee underneath, or a short sleeved white shirt, a jumper over the top, cinched with a belt, tucked into a skirt etc etc!
Also, vertical stripes in recycled cotton and the freshest colour pairing? *Adds to shopping basket*
I did however have this dress altered. The length was the only box it didn't tick for me. I bought the medium thinking the small would be too tight across the bosom area so I got it shortened to one length and taken in under the arms. I'm so happy with the results and know I'll be wearing this for years to come!

Dress: Rebecca Minkoff Aria Shirtdress, Shoes: Spurr, Clutch: Ebay

Monday, February 16, 2015

Trend Forecast NYFW Edition: Coloured Fur

Coach Spring 2015
(a lot of people have said this collection was a miss but you be the judge)

Every morning in bed I check Instagram to see what I missed in America while I was sleeping and all I've been missing is the emergence of coloured fur at New York Fashion Week it would seem! IT IS EVERYWHERE!
Fur (faux I hope!) is something us Australians don't get to indulge in very often because there are maybe 5 days of every winter that it's cold enough to warrant it, but I do love it so. It's like having your own kitten to snuggle with (that doesn't require food or kitty litter...). The coloured hues are so much fun and the girls are looking so cozy despite the sub-zero temperatures New York is having. Down Under we might have to stick to a clutch like Beyonce's or a fur scarf. I personally am searching for a fluffy pom pom key chain for my handbag in a teal or burgundy.
Keep your eye on ASOS for some affordable pieces, you'll be seeing them in no time!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hats Off (Not)

Hats! Glorious hats! I have expressed my love for hats before but since this outfit is so casual I may as well be honest about my current hat wearing phase:
I have all but given up washing my hair. 
Don't be grossed out! I still use dry shampoo like a fiend between washes but since my hair started breaking up at a rate of 2012 Taylor Swift and her boyfriends, I've found it is much healthier if I don't wash it. Sadly, I've found no magical cure for the heat damage I wrought on my locks, it's just going to take time... and hats. 
I have used coconut oil masks which are fantastic if you have the time to wash it out properly. And I mean properly. This is not a great idea for during the week; save it for Friday night so you can hide in your house on Saturday and wonder how three shampoos didn't cut it. 
Back on topic, I really recommend training your hair to need less washing. I also use organic shampoo because it doesn't strip the hair of moisture and I'd been getting contact dermatitis from all the icky nasties in cheap shampoo (because I'm too lazy to invest in anything above $10). Look how shiny my hair is now though! 

Onto my outfit! This Aliphia dress is a wardrobe staple. It's beautifully made, easy to throw on and I'm not ashamed to say I look mighty fine in blue (ooooh ego) 
P.S. My knees look like faces. Little teddy bear faces right? Hahaha

Dress: Aliphia, Boots: Spurr, Clutch: Holiday Purse (similarish here), Hat: The BFF's (similar here)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Welcome to Wonderland

Shirt: Topshop, Skirt: Asos, Bag: Romwe, Heels: Windsor Smith

It's occurred to me recently that I own a plethora of quirky and cute handbags, yet I never feature them on here! I am appropriately ashamed of myself and will rectify this oversight immediately! My little teapot bag is one of my favourites but it rarely gets taken to any tea parties because I can jam my phone into it and that's about it. That doesn't mean I don't enjoy carrying it around pretending to pour tea onto things (or in my day I'll put bloopers on here). Sometimes a love of something and the joy it brings you trumps practicality.
Despite my disappointment with the company (as outlined here) I still love my Windsor Smith heels. To me, these are the shoe version of 'business in the front, party out the back'. Even the images of mullets that are conjured from that statement can't change my mind.
And the shirt? Well you can't beat basics from Topshop. The range of colours and styles is all a girl could ask for.
The skirt is a bit different for me though, I wouldn't normally choose any folky or tapestry prints but it caught my eye... I remember showing it to a few people along with other skirts I was looking at and everyone said "Oh that's not really you, get the others". Not one to be told no, I bought it anyway and have no regrets! I think it's good to have a couple things in your wardrobe that are different from your normal style. So long as you buy them in a cut or colour you're confident in you're onto a good thing in my opinion.
Lastly, the title of the post is also a little 'hello!' from my new home I moved to recently and these are the first photos I've taken here! Is it lame that I'm excited to see what backdrops I can find for photos?

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

How to: Wear Skirts and Sneakers

I want to be comfortable. You want to comfortable.I want you to be comfortable too which is why I've put together some inspiration for one of the comfiest trends around: running shoes and skirts.
I'm sure you've seen dozens of street-style snaps of easy going babes tackling Fashion Week's around the globe with nothing but their sass and sneakers, but you don't have to be the coolest girl in the world (so probably French) to pull this look off! Anyone can do it, and while I wouldn't recommend it for work, it is perfect for casual Friday, dates and the weekend.

My top tips are:

  • Keep the colour palette simple
  • Add in something girly, i.e. a skirt!
  • Balance! So if it's a very girly skirt in a floral or pink, throw on a sporty top
  • Wear sneakers... not runners... because you are not going for a run (I assume)
  • Rock a smile. It's a fact no one will ever think you're trying too hard if you have a smile! 

Skirt and Sneakers 1

Sneakers and Skirt 2

Sneaker and Skirt 4

Sneaker and Skirt 3

Sneaker and Skirt 5