Monday, January 12, 2015

Winning Colour Combinations

Look, I'm not exactly like Sarah from Harper and Harley BUT I do tend to favour the blacks and whites (with an occasional grey or blue) far too often. It's so easy to wear, chic and everything matches but this year I'm aiming to branch out a little bit and get more creative with my choices (especially I'll have a much reduced wardrobe). When I need some inspiration I like to head over to Polyvore and have a play around, I feel like it's the adult equivalent of dressing up Barbies. Here are some of my top picks for colour combinations that aren't so predictable...

Forest Green and Taupe

Forest Green and Nude

Dark greens are very grown up and if you're not a khaki girl like me (too grunge) then this is how you can introduce a safariesque look into your closet. The mixed textures keeps things
polished and not too 'matchy matchy'.

Navy and Brown

Navy and Brown

This combination just makes me sing "I'm a little bit country and I'm a little bit rock 'n roll" in my head but that's not such a bad thing. There's a reason navy is the new black, it goes with everything and as I said, I find it hard to wear brown so this is a fantastic way to try it out!

Tangerine and Pink

Orange and Pink

It's loud, it's fabulous and you know you love it; pare it back with neutral accessories. A black clutch and white converse can ground any outfit. Also, don't be shy if you're pale. I'm basically Casper and I always get compliments in orange and pink; just pick shades you're comfortable in. 

White and Baby Blue

White and Baby Blue

Yes, this involves white but it's too pretty not to have here. A fresh look that's a the right amount of girly. Keep it modern with boxy cuts so you don't look like an extra in Pollyanna.

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