Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Return of the Hawaiian Shirt

For the longest time I didn't want to admit Hawaiian shirts are on their way back in fashion (if they ever left according some people) The Hawaiian shirt trend has long been celebrated at festivals, kept alive by a need for a shirt that's breathable and won't show up many stains. I first heard that it was making a come back by a man that has zero interest in fashion and has a friend who has worn a Hawaiian shirt everyday for a year (yes, even to work) so I naturally discounted this as mere hearsay. But once I heard, I started to see... the palm and tropical prints have been making a steady rise in women's fashion since 2014 and I do see a lot of men on the streets who appear to have just stepped off of a Cruise to Vanuatu... the women's Hawaiian shirt can't be far behind! Best thing is they're so easy and cheap to pick up: just head to your local Salvo's! (That's a thrift shop for non-Australians)
If you want to avoid the Bermuda shorts and thongs look like I do, check out my fashion inspiration below for how to appropriately wear a Hawaiian shirt. FYI I don't recommend anything in a brown, sick to the bright florals ;)

Street Style

Yasmin Sewell

Elisa Nalin

Elle Frost


Hawaiian Shirt 1

Hawaiian Shirt 2

Hawaiian Shirt 3

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