Monday, January 19, 2015

Shoe Review: Windsor Smith Single

I'm afraid my love affair with Windsor Smith has come to an end.
It's not because of my latest purchase, but because of the company as a whole.
However, these heels are a dream! No longer available, the Single style can still be snapped up in store (which is the purchasing method I recommend!) And snap them up you should because they are so sturdy you could run for a train in them and the base is non-slip so you can run AND remain upright. The look very chic and simple from the front but the support on these makes me weep with joy! The back heel cup is perfect and my feet don't slip at all in them.
Downside.. They do have a higher arch than my other heels which turns me into a baby and the 2 front straps do cause some rubbing which can be fixed with some foot wax (I always keep a stick handy in my bag).
Now for the really gritty part... I wouldn't buy from Windsor Smith again. They used to have a great company but their standards have fallen dramatically over the last year and now the have hundreds of complaints against them (go check out their Facebook page) and their social media is clearly run by bots. It's such a shame because they have great products and the girls in the physical stores a quite lovely (I've found anyway) but the feedback is quite damning...bordering on scam like behaviour. Customer complaints are never addressed or rectified and I just don't want to put myself behind a brand like that.
IF you do still want to buy a pair, head in store but otherwise this is a similar style online.

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