Monday, January 5, 2015

Capsule Work Wardrobe

We're 5 days into the New Year and I have successfully resisted all temptation to shop! I have been steadily making my list of the 5 items I'll be buying this season and spacing them out so as not to peak too early (and therefore be unable to shop for 4 months).
You may remember one of my concerns with the 5 Piece French Wardrobe was the lack of room for a work wardrobe. I work in a fairly casual workplace but not casual enough to wear some of the things I plan on buying... like a feather skirt!
In my travels around the internet I found this amazing article by Stylebook for a work capsule wardrobe! It's perfect.
How much time would you save in the mornings!? AND I can use this to plan my purchases so they fit in both casual and work wardrobes. A lot of basics are used in the work wardrobe too (such as the white blouse, striped shirt etc) The key seems to be picking a colour palette that works for you, I mean you always reach for the same colour when you're shopping don't you? I'd say mine is grey, white, blue and black. I'd probably cull the shoes down a bit too to a pair of ballet flats, and heels in a neutral and black (but hey to each their own!)
Got to go download the Stylebook app!

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