Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Return of the Hawaiian Shirt

For the longest time I didn't want to admit Hawaiian shirts are on their way back in fashion (if they ever left according some people) The Hawaiian shirt trend has long been celebrated at festivals, kept alive by a need for a shirt that's breathable and won't show up many stains. I first heard that it was making a come back by a man that has zero interest in fashion and has a friend who has worn a Hawaiian shirt everyday for a year (yes, even to work) so I naturally discounted this as mere hearsay. But once I heard, I started to see... the palm and tropical prints have been making a steady rise in women's fashion since 2014 and I do see a lot of men on the streets who appear to have just stepped off of a Cruise to Vanuatu... the women's Hawaiian shirt can't be far behind! Best thing is they're so easy and cheap to pick up: just head to your local Salvo's! (That's a thrift shop for non-Australians)
If you want to avoid the Bermuda shorts and thongs look like I do, check out my fashion inspiration below for how to appropriately wear a Hawaiian shirt. FYI I don't recommend anything in a brown, sick to the bright florals ;)

Street Style

Yasmin Sewell

Elisa Nalin

Elle Frost


Hawaiian Shirt 1

Hawaiian Shirt 2

Hawaiian Shirt 3

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

General News

It is a rainy Monday in the middle of summer and after a 4 day weekend I am all out of whack!
Rather than a regular blog article I've decided to share with you all things that are interesting, making me laugh, or both:

We'll be back with your regular broadcast once the weather clears!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

5 In 5: Comfy Outfits to do Nothing in

Now all the excitement of the new year had died down I've got the post-silly season laziness. Normally, one of my favourite things to do is nothing, but right now I REALLY want to do nothing. To coin some Aussie slang... I feel like bummin' around all day. Sadly, I do have to go to work but as soon as the weekend hits I am lying on my couch with a book and a cup of tea for a solid 8 hours.
I wish it was winter! (Blasphemy!) I think we can all agree though that's more socially acceptable to stay in your pyjamas all day in the colder climes. Here's wishing with some outfit inspo... 

Comfy Set 5

Comfy Set 4

Comfy Set 2

Comfy Outfit 1

Comfy Set 3

Monday, January 19, 2015

Shoe Review: Windsor Smith Single

I'm afraid my love affair with Windsor Smith has come to an end.
It's not because of my latest purchase, but because of the company as a whole.
However, these heels are a dream! No longer available, the Single style can still be snapped up in store (which is the purchasing method I recommend!) And snap them up you should because they are so sturdy you could run for a train in them and the base is non-slip so you can run AND remain upright. The look very chic and simple from the front but the support on these makes me weep with joy! The back heel cup is perfect and my feet don't slip at all in them.
Downside.. They do have a higher arch than my other heels which turns me into a baby and the 2 front straps do cause some rubbing which can be fixed with some foot wax (I always keep a stick handy in my bag).
Now for the really gritty part... I wouldn't buy from Windsor Smith again. They used to have a great company but their standards have fallen dramatically over the last year and now the have hundreds of complaints against them (go check out their Facebook page) and their social media is clearly run by bots. It's such a shame because they have great products and the girls in the physical stores a quite lovely (I've found anyway) but the feedback is quite damning...bordering on scam like behaviour. Customer complaints are never addressed or rectified and I just don't want to put myself behind a brand like that.
IF you do still want to buy a pair, head in store but otherwise this is a similar style online.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

One Wardrobe Basic 3 Ways

As a master traveler I know the beauty of a well packed suitcase. Creating the best (and most) combinations with what you have crammed into that wardrobe on wheels (or straps if you lean towards backpacking like me) will save you a lot of time and energy.
Why will it save you time and energy? Because you will learn to re-use the key basics and therefore cut down on washing. You also won't be that person rummaging around in the dark dorm room at 5:00am before a flight searching for something somewhat fashionable. You'll instantly know what goes together because you planned it that way (Hot tip here: check the destination weather forecast BEFORE you leave)
Inspired by my 2014 trips to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand and all across the USA; here is one basic I wore again and again (and again and again) and didn't get sick of!

The Basic: Grey T-Shirt, Bonds
Firstly, I want to say that I swear by Bonds T-Shirts. I have never found a better, more comfortable or flattering tee. They keep their shape after hundreds of washes, have a great cut and are the softest cotton.

Outfit 1

Grey T-Shirt Outfit 1

Outfit 2

Grey T-Shirt Outfit 2

Outfit 3

Grey T-Shirt Outfit 3

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

4 Ways to Wear a Crop Shirt

I adore the crop top trend and below are my favourite ways to wear it and not look like a teenager heading to a festival (come on, you know what I'm talking about... the tiny denim shorts... the crochet crop....) I think it can be a great, chic look that even your dad will approve of.
I feel like the title of this post should have added a little disclaimer saying "and not look like a Spice Girl" but I don't want to make out like they weren't the best band in existence (hee hee)

1. Crop shirt with Pencil Skirt
You want to keep everything high waisted with crop shirts (ain't no one got time for your navel) I love pairing a lady like skirt with an embellished crop. Keep the lines clean and clash prints with a funky side bag.

Crop and Pencil Skirt

2. Crop Shirt and Print Pants
I do love my patterned pants! Just throw on a high waist pair or a longer length crop. Boxy styles are great for everyday, 'I have errands' wear. Comfortable loafers and a bag big enough to carry everything and you're good to go.

Crop and Print Pants

3. Crop Bralette and Maxi Skirt
For an ethereal weekend look, drag out the skimpy crop top and pair it with your most voluminous maxi skirt. It's all about balance here, showing just the right amount of skin. Gold accessories (that apple bag has me in a swoon) are a great addition to play up the colours in the skirt. 

Crop and Maxi Skirt with Gold

4. Crop Shirt with Full Skirt
I can't get enough of the full midi skirt, they're great to wear with crops too! Dress down the girlishness of the 50's skirt with a laid back t-shirt crop and some chunky tan heels (stacked heels are great for midi skirts if you're short like me, adds that much needed height!). And yes mam you can do black and tan! Add a chunky necklace and a sparkly clutch to keep people guessing if you're going dancing or sitting on the couch. 

Crop and Full Skirt

Monday, January 12, 2015

Winning Colour Combinations

Look, I'm not exactly like Sarah from Harper and Harley BUT I do tend to favour the blacks and whites (with an occasional grey or blue) far too often. It's so easy to wear, chic and everything matches but this year I'm aiming to branch out a little bit and get more creative with my choices (especially I'll have a much reduced wardrobe). When I need some inspiration I like to head over to Polyvore and have a play around, I feel like it's the adult equivalent of dressing up Barbies. Here are some of my top picks for colour combinations that aren't so predictable...

Forest Green and Taupe

Forest Green and Nude

Dark greens are very grown up and if you're not a khaki girl like me (too grunge) then this is how you can introduce a safariesque look into your closet. The mixed textures keeps things
polished and not too 'matchy matchy'.

Navy and Brown

Navy and Brown

This combination just makes me sing "I'm a little bit country and I'm a little bit rock 'n roll" in my head but that's not such a bad thing. There's a reason navy is the new black, it goes with everything and as I said, I find it hard to wear brown so this is a fantastic way to try it out!

Tangerine and Pink

Orange and Pink

It's loud, it's fabulous and you know you love it; pare it back with neutral accessories. A black clutch and white converse can ground any outfit. Also, don't be shy if you're pale. I'm basically Casper and I always get compliments in orange and pink; just pick shades you're comfortable in. 

White and Baby Blue

White and Baby Blue

Yes, this involves white but it's too pretty not to have here. A fresh look that's a the right amount of girly. Keep it modern with boxy cuts so you don't look like an extra in Pollyanna.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Things I Love: Personalised Goods

In a sweeping act of pure vanity I am happy to confess (and celebrate) my love for all things monogrammed. There is just something so self gratifying when you own an item that is truly yours and was made with you in mind. Louis Vuitton has been stamping your initials onto bags for years and many other brands have started following suit. My desire to put my own stamp on things probably stems from watching my poor sister never be able to find her name in the racks of magnets, mugs and pens. It's not that she has an unusual name, like Yolanda or Mimi, it just isn't spelled the most common way and that has lead to a lifetime of heartbreak (or just buying something else). Growing up I loved my personalised towel and my 'Danielle' necklace, I still wear a 'D' necklace today! But these things are the tip of the iceberg... have a look at the self indulgent beauties I have found for you below!

This adorable perfection by Anya Hindmarch is part of her Bespoke Collection which offers leather goods in every colour and every travel necessity. From passport holders to jewellery boxes, you'll find something for every family member. 

Bauble Bar already do amazing things but once you feast your eyes on the amazing range of personalised necklaces they have on offer you'll be getting very far from those square block necklaces we all rocked as kids.

Simple, sweet and practical, these mugs make a great wedding or housewarming gift! The best news? Mark and Graham will monogram anything and everything... just check out their range.

I'm a huge Kate Spade fan so when I discovered this gem over on her spin-off brand (and a generally more affordable range) Saturday, I fell in love! I often play with the customisation when I'm bored just to see what I may eventually buy (assuming I can find someone who lives in the US since they only ship in the States...) The only downside? They used to have the option for printing your initials on it but they've since removed this feature. Total bummer but I'm sure a tailoring place could embroider it on... 

C.Wonder has a multitude of monogrammed goods (which you can shop here) and there is no better time to shop because they have 50% off EVERYTHING as they've just announced they're closing. But watch this space because the founder is rumoured to be starting a new line with Ellen Degeneres...

Monday, January 5, 2015

Capsule Work Wardrobe

We're 5 days into the New Year and I have successfully resisted all temptation to shop! I have been steadily making my list of the 5 items I'll be buying this season and spacing them out so as not to peak too early (and therefore be unable to shop for 4 months).
You may remember one of my concerns with the 5 Piece French Wardrobe was the lack of room for a work wardrobe. I work in a fairly casual workplace but not casual enough to wear some of the things I plan on buying... like a feather skirt!
In my travels around the internet I found this amazing article by Stylebook for a work capsule wardrobe! It's perfect.
How much time would you save in the mornings!? AND I can use this to plan my purchases so they fit in both casual and work wardrobes. A lot of basics are used in the work wardrobe too (such as the white blouse, striped shirt etc) The key seems to be picking a colour palette that works for you, I mean you always reach for the same colour when you're shopping don't you? I'd say mine is grey, white, blue and black. I'd probably cull the shoes down a bit too to a pair of ballet flats, and heels in a neutral and black (but hey to each their own!)
Got to go download the Stylebook app!