Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Things I Love: Hats

Hats aren't for everyone but I adore them anyway no matter the shape or size! (All hats are beautiful hahaha) I think old fashioned styles are beyond chic but I also love rocking a snapback... I'm not fussy! In another life I would've have loved to become a milliner... *daydreaming sigh*
Start familiarising yourself with the different styles below and don't be scared to experiment. If Pharrell can do it, so can you!
You can pick up some budget freindly hats from ASOS, check them out here.
My top pick is Lack of Colour, they do some truly amazing colours in the best basic styles.
My top 3 must haves for any budding hat-re-preneur:
1. Fedora
2. Turban
3. Cloche


  1. I have to agree wholeheartedly with this post. Except! I think I would have to put turban as my number one. Very old skool, and very classy. I want to see them make a comeback in a big way.

    1. Let's make them come back!

      That's a good place to start I think!


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