Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Lobster Love with Gorman

Lobsters are one of my favourite animals. Don't ask me why, it's weird, but they amuse me and up until recently I thought they were immortal (I'm going to continue saying they are anyway). As soon as I spotted this dress in Gorman's Summer 2014 collection I lost my mind and vowed to buy all the lobster items! I've reigned it in lest I become the lobster version of a crazy cat lady but I couldn't say no to this dress! It's so easy and breezy and perfect for a hot Australian Summer!
It's unfortunately sold out online but check out some of their stores (Westfield Miranda just opened which is my local stomping ground!) I'm lusting after this one too... but the homewares range is killing me.


  1. Has you seen Gorman lobster tote bags? I want one! (hint hint) And all the money goes towards a good cause.

    1. Hahahaha you never know what Santa will bring! (Not that because your present is already wrapped)


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