Monday, November 17, 2014

Shoe Review: Windsor Smith Lavanda Sandals

I have been going shoe crazy lately haven't I? In the spirit of honesty, I'll admit these were an impulse purchase while I was away in Adelaide. I'd gone out looking for heels for an event and came home with these instead. The reason is simple, I'd been devastated when I didn't pick up the Windsor Smith Lucee style before they sold out so when I saw the Lavanda (which turns out I prefer) I was not missing out again!
You've heard again and again my rant about treating your feet right, support, blah blah, my mother, foot problems etc. so as soon as I started shopping for a pair of summer sandals my one rule was they had to be stylish AND comfortable. I also happen to have some strange loyalty to Windsor Smith (maybe not so strange when they make such fantastic shoes but you know how it is in today's society).
These sandals feel they way they look, cushioned and curving to your foot, with a non slip bottom, I could run a marathon in them (lol jks I don't run). The leather is supple and so soft and at just under 100 clams, I'd consider that a great buy for such a quality shoe. My only teeny tiny criticism is that the ankle strap could have an extra hole to tighten it. I'll end up doing a hack job myself no doubt #slimanklewoes. Part of me is already wondering if I should buy two pairs or grab another pair in the bone colour... These are going to be worn to death!


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