Friday, November 28, 2014

Bargain of the Week

What: Brown Suede Tassels Wrapped Pencil Skirt
From: Choies
Why You Need It: It's just so Pocahontas and so fabulous! Pair it with a grey t-shirt and some big gold jewelry and you'll be painting all the colours of the wind (I can't guarantee this)

Monday, November 24, 2014

The 5 Piece French Wardrobe

While innocently trawling on StumbleUpon I found a blog article mentioning the Oh So Chic 5 Piece French Wardrobe. A quick Google and some drooling at various blogger's lists (my favourite from aftrDRK) I found this article on The Urban List that summed everything up nicely for me. This is a discipline, yes, a discipline! And you'll see why...

The older I get the more realistic I have gotten about quality vs quantity. Yes, it's nice to have 40 dresses but odds are you'll only wear 5. So, my goal for 2015 is to stick to these rules and invest in less pieces that are longer lasting. Most women aspire to be as chic as the French and I've become so anti-clutter that it just makes sense!
As you know I've been so very good when it comes to spending lately and I plan to dedicate the rest of 2014 to whittling down my wardrobe to the basics. It's going to be hard, and heart breaking but I really don't have that much space anyway and I truly do wear the same items again and again. Odds are I won't be able to throw everything away so I only own the basics but I can try. And since I'll only be buying 10 items a year (I just got a chill saying that) I'll be down to a capsule wardrobe in no time!
It also helps when you can imagine all the pretty things you will own! Here is my short list of what I plan to buy next year....

Friday, November 21, 2014

Bargain of the Week

What: Windsor Smith Symbol Mules
From: Windsor Smith Outlet
Why You Need It: Because I only just discovered the amazing outlet off shoot for Windsor Smith! Mules are still in fashion but you don't want to waste your time with some plain ones, get ones with a tassel and make people consider mugging you to get them (something I think whenever I see someone dressed very well)

Monday, November 17, 2014

Shoe Review: Windsor Smith Lavanda Sandals

I have been going shoe crazy lately haven't I? In the spirit of honesty, I'll admit these were an impulse purchase while I was away in Adelaide. I'd gone out looking for heels for an event and came home with these instead. The reason is simple, I'd been devastated when I didn't pick up the Windsor Smith Lucee style before they sold out so when I saw the Lavanda (which turns out I prefer) I was not missing out again!
You've heard again and again my rant about treating your feet right, support, blah blah, my mother, foot problems etc. so as soon as I started shopping for a pair of summer sandals my one rule was they had to be stylish AND comfortable. I also happen to have some strange loyalty to Windsor Smith (maybe not so strange when they make such fantastic shoes but you know how it is in today's society).
These sandals feel they way they look, cushioned and curving to your foot, with a non slip bottom, I could run a marathon in them (lol jks I don't run). The leather is supple and so soft and at just under 100 clams, I'd consider that a great buy for such a quality shoe. My only teeny tiny criticism is that the ankle strap could have an extra hole to tighten it. I'll end up doing a hack job myself no doubt #slimanklewoes. Part of me is already wondering if I should buy two pairs or grab another pair in the bone colour... These are going to be worn to death!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Bargain of the Week

What: Tepla Cat-Eye Shades
From: Nasty Gal
Why You Need It: Because big bold shades aren't going anywhere! Trust me. And it's not often you find a pair in khaki and they are to die for.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wedding Bells

I recently had the extreme pleasure of not just attending a wedding (everybody loves weddings) but attending the wedding of two of my dear friends who crossed oceans to be together. Cue romantic sigh. But in all honesty, it's inspiring and tear jerking to see a chance meeting on a night out turn into a loving union (and a tad funny because the lily white Scottish boy now lives in North QLD!).
The day was fantastic, the wood fired pizzas changed my life and the location was stunning; and this little bridge was only a fraction of the magical setting!
My dress is from Zimmermann a few seasons ago, I'd fallen in love with the pattern the moment I saw it and hid it away for a special day. You can read all about the shoes here and if you'd like a head chain like this head over to eBay here to get one for the spare change you find under your couch cushions.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Shoe Review: Zalora Gladiator Heels

Let me start by just saying that these shoes are a big YES. So if you can't be bothered reading my tirade, just go buy them now.
So, the Zalora Gladiator Heels with Double Ankle Strap are the comfiest, budget shoe I have EVER owned. Not only is the quality great but the elastic back strap is forgiving on a long night out and the block heel is so supportive. The ankle straps are hook clips not adjustable, however you can move the holes around for a limited adjustment. At first I thought they would fall down but somehow they defy gravity! At $40 they are a true bargain!
Gladiator is a style that never really goes out of fashion and don't be deterred by all the straps, they don't dig in anywhere for me!  Not ready to jump on the grey shoe trend? (Despite my best advice) Lucky for you, they also come in black!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Bargain of the Week

What: All For U Bra
From: Free People
Why You Need It: Every girl needs a sweet little bralette in their collection! It comes in a rainbow of colours and is the perfect soft and comfortable get up for those days where you just can't even.

Monday, November 3, 2014

An Insider's Guide to Blogging

Farfetch have done it again with another fantastic info graphic that perfectly captures a blogger's journey. I'm still a novice to blogging so I was so surprised to read it through and realise that I actually do most of the below recommendations! It's also a nice reminder that it's not one size fits all and you can always, always improve; which is a similar sentiment even the best and most well known bloggers acknowledge. Blogging is fluid and it's an expression of yourself so my biggest tip; let it come naturally! 
So if you want to become a beauty, fashion or lifestyle blogger, or you're like me and are looking to grow your audience, print this out and stick it on your desk!