Monday, September 15, 2014

Free as a Bird

Necklace: Asos (similar here)

I seem to be favouring the long sleeve dresses lately don't I? I think they're the perfect between season piece and can be dressed up for work with a blazer or down with a denim jacket for the weekend (or like, a super casual office).
The most heartbreaking thing has happened to me recently so I'm going to have a sook... my hair had been shedding like crazy (to the point it was driving others crazy) so I went in for a trim and the old school hairdresser (you know the ones who duck out for a cigarette every 30 minutes and have the most profound advice) promptly informed me I had so much heat damage to my hair it was snapping off. I love to straighten my hair and curl it and I've confessed my love for my ghd on many occasions. But that love will have to take a back seat now if I want to save my long locks from the damage I've caused *sobs*. Beyond cutting it all off (No thanks) I can only try a lot of treatments and trim as often as possible. I'll keep you all updated if I find a magical fix (Actual Harry Potter magic will be required) but until then, don't be sad when you see my hair in braids :(

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