Monday, September 29, 2014

Line of Sight: Upcoming Sunglasses Trends with Vision Direct

It's hard for me to admit this but I do not look good in many sunglasses. I have a little baby size head (that is not a joke, I can fit hats designed for 2 year olds) and many shades leave my face looking swamped. But like all Australians; I need sunglasses like I need air! To further complicate things... I also happen to want to look fantastic (Don't act like I'm alone here either).

VisionDirect contacted me just in time for my annual 'please let there be something suitable out there' sunglasses shopping trip and sent over this nifty infographic (yes I am a sucker for a well organised suite of information). At first I thought trying to buy sunglasses online was a recipe for disaster but I took a peek (hours of browsing) at their designer brands range and I just couldn't go past the prices! Plus, with 100 Days returns...What's the worst that could happen? I quickly realised there was no worst case scenario to be had because of these online tools to help you get the right pair: Buying Guide, Personality Lookbook, and my indulgent favourite, Virtual Try-On.
I chose a gorgeous Michael Kors pair I had been coveting because of their bold square shape and neutral colouring. Anyone out there a fan of coloured frames? I'm always dying to try them but alas, I am a classic girl at heart! The style is called Leah and it was love at first sight! They're the perfect size for my head and they're big enough to be classed as bold and oversized without being dubbed fish bowls. The quality is unbelievable and for those of you wondering... yes, they are real designer shades, not knock-offs. They came in a branded leathery case with the most adorable glasses cleaning kit. And here is my hot tip for you: invest in a mini screwdriver key ring. I've carried one for a while now and whenever you feel your glasses getting loose... just whip it out (the screwdriver)!
Enough gushing... here they are in all their glory!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Bargain of the Week

What: Paradise Playsuit
From: Beginning Boutique
Why You Need It: Because Summer is upon us! And it will make you feel less envious of all the instagrammers you see sunbathing in Greece (I'm looking at you Emma Lucey). Playsuits are too easy to wear as well and everybody looks good in blue. Surely that's more than enough reasons!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dream night abroad in Crete with Smartling

I would channel those Mediterranean vibes with a not-so-simple white cotton dress in a laser cut lace or some bohemian pleats and ties. I’d throw on my comfiest nude heeled sandals that aren’t too high (there’s a lot of walking up and down on Greek Islands) and of course, put on the mandatory turquoise and gold jewellery.

 My first stop after a hard day lying on the beautiful beaches would be Kritamon Restaurant  in the small village of Archanes for some traditional Cretan cuisine. I like to go to smaller, local restaurants away from the tourist traps so I can get a real feel for the people who live there. Fresh ingredients are even more appreciated when you can see them growing outside the window!

After dinner I would head back to the Iraklio region to sample the nightlife. Bar Blow-Up has been marked with the ‘cool’ factor with a funky thing going on that attracts locals and tourists alike with it’s Greek indie bands and electro DJ tunes. A fan of unpretentious bars, I feel like I can meet people easier in a ‘no-frills’ environment where the drinks are cold and the dance floor is hot.
Let’s be honest, I’m stopping for a street gyros on the way home. Even the ‘dirty’ food in Greece is fantastic.

Language barriers can be a problem especially in a country like Greece that has a different alphabet! I’m a huge proponent of researching my moves and options on the internet before I start my day. The number one thing I look for is a quick translation of a web page, I don’t want to wait 4 hours for a half translated page! Luckily Smartling's translation services is quick, thorough and accurate. As a big fashion blog reader (and creator) I want to discover bloggers from around the globe and be able to get a real feel for their personality and read all the comments in my language. How many times have you read a translated page and thought, “Well something got lost in translation!” The real key to fitting in in another culture is to understand the colloquialisms. 

Crete: Greece

Friday, September 19, 2014

Bargain of the Week

Why You Need It: Because I'm a tad obsessed with Beginning Boutique and the crop shirt ain't going nowhere. Also, it's funny and a polite way of telling people to keep their grubby hands away from you. AND it's free express shipping Australia wide... that's pretty awesome. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Free as a Bird

Necklace: Asos (similar here)

I seem to be favouring the long sleeve dresses lately don't I? I think they're the perfect between season piece and can be dressed up for work with a blazer or down with a denim jacket for the weekend (or like, a super casual office).
The most heartbreaking thing has happened to me recently so I'm going to have a sook... my hair had been shedding like crazy (to the point it was driving others crazy) so I went in for a trim and the old school hairdresser (you know the ones who duck out for a cigarette every 30 minutes and have the most profound advice) promptly informed me I had so much heat damage to my hair it was snapping off. I love to straighten my hair and curl it and I've confessed my love for my ghd on many occasions. But that love will have to take a back seat now if I want to save my long locks from the damage I've caused *sobs*. Beyond cutting it all off (No thanks) I can only try a lot of treatments and trim as often as possible. I'll keep you all updated if I find a magical fix (Actual Harry Potter magic will be required) but until then, don't be sad when you see my hair in braids :(

Friday, September 12, 2014

Bargain of the Week

What: Sarcasm Slogan T-Shirt
Why You Need It: Because sarcasm is so funny and I'm telling your straight: adding a black and white t-shirt to your wardrobe is essential. It will go with everything and still add a little bit of flavour. Think of it as the salt and pepper of fashion. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Change May Be Just Around The Corner

Sometimes it's all about black and white and the little details. I fell in love with this Pink Stitch Cami because of how versatile it is. It's a great cut, easy to wear tucked in or out (I almost never wear things untucked!) and the back makes me feel sexalicious. The shorts were a last minute, "I cannot do washing and I am sick of all these clothes" travel purchase from H&M in America. $10. I can't even. I wish I'd bought 6 pairs! I'm hoping the H&M's in Australia live up to the high UK and USA standards. Who else is Christmas Eve excited for the Pitt St Mall store to open in Sydney? There might be a quick trip to Melbourne before then though because I just can't wait!
This bracelet is an amazing piece of art I was lucky enough to win! It's stunning and the care taken to make it really makes it that much more precious. Check out Buddha to Buddha's website here.
And apologies for the distracted face, my niece was running around being her usual adorable, unignorable self!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Bargain of the Week: Home Edition

Why You Need It: Because foxes. Urban Outfitters also has one of the coolest ranges of home wares ever. As if you won't sleep better on these. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bonjour Chip Chop!

Dress: Chip Chop!, Belt: Asos, Shoes: Asos

I am utterly obsessed with this dress. OBSESSED. 
The moment I put it on I decided I never wanted to take it off. I don'even care that it creases easily; not even. I mean, it's hilarious, just look at it! 
I'd been eyeing it off for some time and unlike most things in my "To Buy" bookmarks tab (yes, I do have that) I never deleted it, I just kept waiting for the opportune moment and when it arrived I grabbed it and rode off into the sunset (aka shopping cart).
The shoes are another such find. Pom Poms? Hells yes. I love you Asos.