Monday, August 4, 2014

The Top 6 Spring Accessories

Now that winter is loosening it's hold in Australia (or if we're being honest, most days are 20 degrees again) it's time to start looking ahead at what key pieces will ease our transition to summer. Here are my top picks for spring accessorising!

1. The Fedora
If you don't own one by now you do not care about fashion. Or maybe you don't suit hats; but just buy one anyway and hang it in your house so people think you do. Opt for a pastel or beige to lighten the mood.

2. Wedge Booties
Now that you don't need to worry so much about the rain and keeping your calves toasty you can focus on the important things, like channeling your inner folk singer. The more boho the better!

3. A Canvas Tote
Spring is all about new life so forget the blacks, navy's and reds (I know, what will I wear) and pick a cute print on canvas or a crisp white bag that you can throw everything into.

4. A Cotton Scarf
A light, easy breezy scarf is perfect for layering on those unpredictable spring days. A sheer oversized style in spring colouring will see you through till summer (and double as a beach towel later on!)

5. A Bold Cuff
Your sleeves are getting shorter so it's time to show off some arm candy! A cuff is great for work and looks chic in silver, gold or a bright hue.

6. A Pastel Belt
Or any light colour, I'm not going to tell you how to live your life! Introduce a thicker waist belt into your wardrobe to cinch in those remaining winter layers.

Spring Accessories

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