Monday, August 11, 2014

Shoe Review: Lipstick Mouse Boots

Everyone needs a pair of black, flat boots in their wardrobe. Great for wearing with summer dresses and perfect for winter... so why didn't I own any until 2 weeks ago you ask?
The truth is, I don't know!
I owned boots in every colour, style and heel height but I never had the perfect pair which is probably why I was always buying more (trying to fill a void and all that). During my USA trip I had many hours on a bus to think about what I actually needed in my wardrobe and you know when you are always looking for something? Well this was it! The week after I got home there they were, my ideal pair in a little boutique in Ulladulla.
Introducing my new favourite shoes by Lipstick; Mouse Boots in Black. The price was more than right, the heel height was made with me in mind and the clincher; the sole was good.

In my old age I've started taking serious stock of what I'm putting my feet through everyday and I've finally realised life is too short for a broken foot from poorly made shoes (ask my mum!)
These boots have a non-slip sole, even the heel is rubber! You would think this would be standard for all shoes but you would be wrong.
I really love the elastic back part as it makes them snug (another problem I'd found with other boots as they'd be flapping around hurting my ankles).
They also sit at the exact right part of my ankle. The material (not leather, sorry gals) is a bit stiff but with some wearing in I've found these to be my soul mate in shoes (pun intended).

Pick yourself up a pair on sale here!

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