Monday, July 28, 2014

Grey Days

Shorts: Pink Stitch via Light and Beauty Boutique, Shirt: Dotti, Leather Jacket: EBay, Heels: Windsor Smith Gillie

Grey skies, grey waters...grey outfit! It's not winter in Australia unless you inappropriately wear shorts at least once. These sweet things are the sort of thing I can never walk past. Tailored? Check. Patterned? Check. Flattering on the old hips? Check. If you would like to pick up a pair you can do so soon enough from Light and Beauty Boutique.
I'm back home now from my amazing USA adventure (pics to come!) and have been told I've brought the good weather with me! It's far chillier than I'm used to but that's just making me more excited for summer :) Of course after America it's going to be soups and salads until then ha ha ha

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