Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Blue Mountains Bliss

You know you've hit adult hood (and you're working like a bitch) when you think "Ooh I need a spa weekend". I took it upon myself to do nothing all weekend; literally not one useful thing. And where better to do that than at a day spa! I went to a lovely little place called Navaeh House and relaxed with massages, aromatherapy baths and this spectacular example of a #nomakeupselfie.
Situated in the sweet Blue Mountains town of Leura, I relaxed automatically when I breathed the crisp cold air. With temperatures under 10 degrees I didn't have to feel guilty once when I spent the entire weekend snuggled up in front of the fire and getting pampered by the sweet owner Julie. And the vintage styled house was well and truly warmed with open fires, heaters and my favourite; electric blankets. I knew I'd made the right choice for my long weekend when Julie said "Oh we like to encourage guests to wear their nightgowns around the house and make themselves at home". You don't have to tell me to stay in my pyjamas twice!
The hot stone massage actually changed my life, I can honestly say I have never had a better massage.
During the day I wandered up and down the Leura shops eating my way through whatever took my fancy; top recommendation is Bakehouse on Wentworth (the name is a big, misleading lie; it's on Leura Mall) their pies are something else and come in so many varities! Get there early because they do sell out around lunch and you will have to stand awkwardly in line while the family behind you peeks around you talking about the pies they're getting when: A. That flavour is sold out and B. I am taking the last Lamb Curry pie, sorry not sorry.
My only regret for the whole weekend was the moment where I went to take off my nightgown to lie down on the massage table and wished I'd worn real underwear, not a tiny lacy piece of dental floss. You live, you learn!

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