Monday, June 2, 2014

5 Ways to Wear Embellished Footwear

After my post regarding my love for outlandish footwear I realised I didn't tell you guys how to wear them! I know you've been dying to jump on the funky footwear train and join me in my merry little jig so here are my top 5 tips to wearing embellished shoes:

1. With a Skater Skirt and Knit Jumper

A flippy skirt is flirty and fun; paired with a knit jumper it's very changing season friendly and has serious laid back style attitude that amps up your daring footwear choice.

Crazy Shoes 1

2. With Tight Black Pants and a Simple Shirt

Jeans or leather pants are perfect for this! Throw on your staple pair and a plain t-shirt or button up with your crazy heels and you have instant glam. Make it a night time show stopper by adding a chunky, glitzy necklace.

Crazy Shoes 2

3. With a Relaxed Shirt and Mini Skirt

A loose shirt in silk or chiffon will balance the shorter skirt; I recommend keeping the skirt tight fitting so you don't look swamped. The mini skirt is there to give your legs the space they need to let those heels shine in all their glory!

Crazy Shoes 3

4. With a Matching Short Suit

We know I love a matching set and this is just another reason why! A simple blazer and short set in navy, white or black (or a bright hue if you're daring!) is the perfect one tone palette you need to show off your colourful pumps. Extra points for wearing a shirt that picks up on a colour in the heels!

Crazy Shoes 4

5. With a Printed Shift Dress

Don't be scared of this one, it really does work! With a simple cut dress and an eye catching pattern, this is one of the easiest ways to clash prints. Try a plaid or polka dot print with some fun loafers and you're set.

Crazy Shoes 5

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