Monday, May 26, 2014

Orange Crush

Have you ever felt love at first sight? I did when I saw this amazing coat! I fell hard and fast and now I will have no other coat! I keep telling myself it's so much better than my other coats and that it understands me like no coat ever has before.Yes, I am obsessed and completely crushing on it.
I love the way it falls mid thigh and the two tone colour. It's lightweight yet warm and I always get compliments on it (who hates compliments?!). Orange was a colour I avoided because I thought it didn't suit me and was a little bit ick but I am amazed by how well it goes with everything and how it brightens a cold day in Sydney.
Also, it was a bargain! Go on. Buy it from Ebay here.

Coat: Ebay, Shirt: Zara, Skirt: Asos, Loafers: Charlotte Olympia imitation via Ebay

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Guest Post: 10 Essential Accessories

I was lucky enough to land a gig writing blog posts for the stunning Light and Beauty Boutique!
An Australian owned online boutique based in sunny Queensland, they sell the best in designer brands like Cooper St Clothing, Pink Stitch, Samantha Wills, WISH and my personal handbag favourite: Urban Originals!
My first post: 10 Essential Accessories for Work, Play and Lazy days, is now live over on their site and their Tumblr page. I talk about the top 10 accessories every girl needs that will see her through the needs of every day featuring Samantha Wills' boho jewellery, Urban Originals gorgeous pieces and the covetable Olga Berg collection.

Don't be shy, go check it out and let me know what you think! And be sure to follow Light and Beauty on Instagram for little posts that will brighten your day!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

6 Things I will Never Wear

Now I don't usually like to say 'never' because more than once I have found myself going "yeah okay, why not" BUT below is a list of things I am 99% confident will never have a place in my wardrobe as they are some of the worst fashion trends or items known to man. I won't judge you (yes I will) if you do, but these are some trends I just can't get on board with so I won't dare let them touch my body...

1. Crocs
I don't need to explain this one. You know it's wrong, and you know why.

2. Five Toe Shoes
You've seen these and done a double take on the train, then snuck back for another guilty look. Part of you wants to know how they feel but the stronger, sane part knows they are hideous.

3. Cheesy Logo Tees
I love a GOOD logo t-shirt, but I HATE a bad one (think 90's Supre...): "100% Princess", "Angel", teamed with some angel wings on the back and catchy slogans like "Supreme Bitch". No thanks.

4. Ed Hardy or the tacky Monkey
One is a recognisable brand that trashy douche bags favour and the other is an unusual monkey face that somehow gained enough momentum to appear on EVERY hoodie and t-shirt ever sold for under $10; both suck.

5. "I can see what you ate for breakfast" Shorts
You'll find these babies at festivals and the beach especially but their natural habitat is anywhere you find teenage girls who don't own mirrors. It's not so much they look bad in them (I'm sure guys love it) it's more I don't want to see your butt cheeks, and I don't want you to see mine either.

6. Matching Tracksuits
This is okay between the ages of one and six, after that you need to ask yourself: A. Why does my mum dress me like this? or B. Why do I dress myself like this?
It's probably time to pick some new threads asap; remember there's no such thing as a fancy tracksuit. You also lose major style points if it's a swishy or fleece tracksuit.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Ready To Wear Coach Australia Launch

Lusting after a classic Coach handbag is something most girls are familiar with, but now we need to add clothing to the mix!
Instyle Magazine invited me along to a night of canapés and Moét champagne to get a preview of Coach's Ready To Wear Collection. Akin to their handbags clean lines and their shoes craftsmanship, the new line of clothing will earn a place in your wardrobe for many seasons to come.
With gorgeous tailoring, the bold leather pieces offset contrasting handbags in taupe and fuchsia. I had my eye on the outfit of the night: a breton stripe sweater so soft you wouldn't need to hold a kitten again and the must-have item, a leather pencil skirt. Carmen from Chronicles of Her looked her usual amazing self in that get up, it's impossible not to want it when you see how well she styles it!
The number one tip we got from Kirsten Galliott, Editor of Instyle, was to mix your leathers; don't be afraid to pair a brown leather skirt with a pink handbag, or the orange top (another gorgeous, flattering piece) with a white clutch. Leather doesn't have to be black!