Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Things I love: Crazy Shoes

I have a tiny obsession with insane heels.
Bright colours, kitsch designs and eye catching embellishments: hold me back! I own some Miu Miu swallow print heels loaded with crystals, a pair of purple velvet Tony Bianco boots and some vintage loafers that are reminiscent of gaudy Italian villas.
Below are some more wacky wonders that I'm longing to add to the collection, warning, most of these border on impossible to wear, but I prefer to think of it as impossible not to wear once!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand Photo Diary

I woke up today and realised I've been home from my travels for a whole month! I don't know where that time has gone but I wanted to share some of my favourite shots from my trip around Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. Cambodia was easily my favourite country and where I spent the most time (so maybe a little biased here) Cambodia touched my heart with the beauty of the temples and the kindness of the people.
This trip was a Gecko Adventures tour which I highly recommend; more cultural than a Contiki but just as much fun! That being said, I've excluded photos of people for you know, privacy etc; not everyone wants their face plastered all over the internet (besides me ha ha ha). However I have put in one little happy snap of two girls; one is my very best friend and the other is the most amazing angel I have ever met and I could not (and do not!) want to imagine my life without them!