Monday, March 24, 2014

The Denim Edit

Hi my name is Danielle and I have a denim addiction. I've been addicted since I was a young child who could demand what I was dressed in. My first memory of denim is throwing a tantrum because I couldn't have a second denim vest (I was wearing my first one at the time). The height of my addiction came when I slept in the denim shorts I'd received as an early Christmas present so I could be wearing them when I woke up. Over the years I've shut out criticism from family and friends who tell me I "own too much denim" and even ignored help from my great-grandmother who couldn't understand why I wanted to wear 'poor people's clothing' (during the Depression denim was considered cheap and for the working class I guess!) I ignored this old fashioned and somewhat snooty mindset and have continued my fetish to this day! Luckily my addiction doesn't hurt anyone (just my wallet) so I'd like to share with you all a documentation of my current denim pieces...

Dark Blue Jeans: A wardrobe staple

Chambray Shirt: Another wardrobe staple and it goes with EVERYTHING

Levi's Denim Jacket: Better than any other brand denim jacket

Denim Dress: I really should wear this more, where have you been hiding?!

Acid Wash Denim Shorts: My favourite shorts ever. My best vintage buy ever. Ever.

Mink Pink Denim Shorts: Light denim goes better with black and I like black, plus naw flowers!

Ripped Boyfriend Jeans:My feet make the holes bigger every time I get dressed and I wouldn't have you any other way you comfy things!


  1. That Levis jacket looks very familiar :)

    1. I 'appropriated' it from an elder siblings wardrobe ;)


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