Monday, March 3, 2014

Splurge vs. Steal

Danielle Bargain Hunter they call me (I'm trying to start it anyway) and after hearing about Pop Cherry from the lovely Rikki over at Indigo Deer I believe my new moniker will take off after I share my finds with you.
Many of us are always desiring the gorgeous designer clothes we see but can't afford to satisfy our urges without forgoing food for a month. So that's why Pop Cherry caught my eye... On the very first page I thought "Oh where have I seen that...and that...and that?!" and I noticed many cheaper versions of Keepsake the Label designs, Cameo the Label designs and even Alice McCall!

Now I know there is an argument for buying from the label: better quality, supporting the designer and uh, owning the label! I won't make any judgments on anyone who buys cheaper knock offs but I do tend to lean towards buying the real thing. Unless you only plan on wearing it once, you're better off paying more for something you'll cherish. BUT if you're testing a trend out or only want it for a couple months while it's in fashion... Buy my pretties, BUY!

Here are my top finds via Pop Cherry and you can decide whether to splurge or steal!


  1. great choices dear =) thanks for he visit =)

  2. heheh! Thanks so much for the feature ;)


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