Monday, March 31, 2014

5 Tips for Transeasonal Dressing

After a week of rain in Sydney all illusions of a long summer are gone. The icy feel of Autumn greets me every morning as I leave the house in darkness (losing Daylight Savings is the worst!) So what should I wear when it's neither hot or cold and the weather forecast is as accurate as a horoscope? For everyone in the Northern Hemisphere I imagine this is a problem too, except you lucky folk are feeling the beginning of sunnier days (not jealous, not jealous)
I've put together a little list of my best tips for decoding the changing weather and dressing your best between seasons:

Leather shell tops or skirts are great to add some extra warmth without having to layer up or throw on the dreaded jeans and sweater combo. A pair of cut out booties helps cover a bit more skin and just generally look 'bangin'

Leather and shorts

2. Knee High Boots
A great investment piece not just for over 40's! Wear them to death on rainy days, because if your feet are dry and warm, nothing can dampen your spirits. A shirt dress looks fab and casual with a tall leather pair but power to the boho babes who can rock some sexy brown boots! The summery bag is for a little reminder of what we're missing ;)

Knee High Boots

3. Blazers
Blazers should be your top wardrobe staple anyway, but they really shine when the weather can't make up it's mind. Light enough to throw over your shoulders, but covers enough to keep out the wind AND at home in the work place and bars! Buy one in every colour, yes, every colour!


4. Pencil Skirts
Not just for work, longer hem lines are on trend this season and can cover your wind chilled pins. Especially good for those of us who quit shaving as soon as March ends (Who me?!) I like to pair mine back with simple t-shirts and heels to give it a more 'I wake up like this' fashionista vibe.

Pencil Skirt in Red

5. Chiffon Shirts
Sheer and light weight yet those long sleeves are perfect for rolling up when the humidity hits! I could own a hundred of these (and one day I probably will) because they go with everything from denim shorts to patterned minis. Team with your cutest brogues or loafers and a hat (40% of your body heat is lost through your head!) for a warm/cool weekend get up.

Blue Chiffon Shirts

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Denim Edit

Hi my name is Danielle and I have a denim addiction. I've been addicted since I was a young child who could demand what I was dressed in. My first memory of denim is throwing a tantrum because I couldn't have a second denim vest (I was wearing my first one at the time). The height of my addiction came when I slept in the denim shorts I'd received as an early Christmas present so I could be wearing them when I woke up. Over the years I've shut out criticism from family and friends who tell me I "own too much denim" and even ignored help from my great-grandmother who couldn't understand why I wanted to wear 'poor people's clothing' (during the Depression denim was considered cheap and for the working class I guess!) I ignored this old fashioned and somewhat snooty mindset and have continued my fetish to this day! Luckily my addiction doesn't hurt anyone (just my wallet) so I'd like to share with you all a documentation of my current denim pieces...

Dark Blue Jeans: A wardrobe staple

Chambray Shirt: Another wardrobe staple and it goes with EVERYTHING

Levi's Denim Jacket: Better than any other brand denim jacket

Denim Dress: I really should wear this more, where have you been hiding?!

Acid Wash Denim Shorts: My favourite shorts ever. My best vintage buy ever. Ever.

Mink Pink Denim Shorts: Light denim goes better with black and I like black, plus naw flowers!

Ripped Boyfriend Jeans:My feet make the holes bigger every time I get dressed and I wouldn't have you any other way you comfy things!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Bon Voyage!

My partner in crime (Alex) and I are heading off on our next adventure tomorrow! We're heading to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand and I can't sleep I'm so excited (and maybe have left packing till the last minute and can't find my luggage tags or the keys for my locks...)
Batman (me) and Robin (Alex) have a passion for travelling, I know, who doesn't right? But it's something that is so important and dear to us that we've already got trips planned for the next two years and spend endless hours looking at cool places and tours we dream of doing (Caribbean sailing I'm looking at you!). You name a place, I want to go! I can honestly say that a big motivator for working as hard as I do is to pay for holidays
I will do my best to keep posting while I'm away but apologies in advance should the internet be scarce while I'm wandering the ruins of Angkor Wat (hee hee)
I hope you're all excited for some 'location' posts when I get back!
Adios Amigos xx

“I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel's sake. The great affair is to move.” 
― Robert Louis Stevenson, Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes

Monday, March 3, 2014

Splurge vs. Steal

Danielle Bargain Hunter they call me (I'm trying to start it anyway) and after hearing about Pop Cherry from the lovely Rikki over at Indigo Deer I believe my new moniker will take off after I share my finds with you.
Many of us are always desiring the gorgeous designer clothes we see but can't afford to satisfy our urges without forgoing food for a month. So that's why Pop Cherry caught my eye... On the very first page I thought "Oh where have I seen that...and that...and that?!" and I noticed many cheaper versions of Keepsake the Label designs, Cameo the Label designs and even Alice McCall!

Now I know there is an argument for buying from the label: better quality, supporting the designer and uh, owning the label! I won't make any judgments on anyone who buys cheaper knock offs but I do tend to lean towards buying the real thing. Unless you only plan on wearing it once, you're better off paying more for something you'll cherish. BUT if you're testing a trend out or only want it for a couple months while it's in fashion... Buy my pretties, BUY!

Here are my top finds via Pop Cherry and you can decide whether to splurge or steal!