Monday, February 17, 2014

Style Crush: Miroslava Duma

If you haven't heard of Mira (That's what her friends call her and I'm sure we'd be bffs if we ever met) then you've definitely seen her images among the fashion and street style spreads. Not only does the Russian beauty wear Christopher Kane (see the last image; one of the designers on my 'must own' list) she is also a big fan of a matching suit set just like me! (Here and here) AND to further cement our bff/soul mate status: she rocks a mean statement necklace! She challenges trends, has her own style amongst a sea of other fashionistas and is never scared to wear something wacky or bright.
If you need any other reasons to love her, I will leave you with two of her best quotes:

Donna Karan once said that if it takes more than 20 minutes to get ready you have some problems with your appearance. I totally agree. 

Some say yoga is the answer; as for me, I like to eat Toffee caramel candies.


  1. Hey lovely, Love your blog, I nominated you for the Liebster award, click on my blog to have a look if your interested :)

    Dani x

  2. I really love Mira's style as well! Usually if a piece looks to over the top on the runway, Mira can corporate it into daily outfits and make it look effortless.

    xxx MODEmoiselle

    1. 100% agree! She is just so cute even the over the top pieces work for her!


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