Monday, January 13, 2014

Shoe Review: Zara Pointed Ballerina with Ankle Strap

This is actually my first pair of Zara shoes! Can you believe it? Zara isn't as common in Australia and we don't have the same designs as UK or USA but I'd always admired they're gorgeous designs. I hunted these down on Ebay after seeing them on Atlantic Pacific (fan girl much!) since Blair earmarked them as a blogger wardrobe staple. How could I say no?
Black shoes go with everything but I think it's important for them to still be interesting and that's what these are! The pointiness scared me off for a minute once I saw them in the flesh, but I got over that and now just refer to them as my witch shoes ha ha ha. They're a great work staple but I also like them with pants. Like I said, I've never worn Zara shoes before but I found these to be superb quality (real leather too girls!) and very comfy. Given the style, they are narrow so I'd recommend going up a size if you have wider feet. The 3 straps are all adjustable too so you can easily get your best fit.
Below are some lovely ladies who have worn them to perfection!

So what do you think? Can you wear them or will they wear you?


  1. oohh la la! I sure do hope they stock these babies in the Sydney store! xx

    1. I hope they learn to bring their UK/USA lines out here, we need them! xx

  2. These are so cute!! Love them :)

    Corinne xo

  3. They are cute with all of the front straps .... but they could sure use a higher heel. :) I hope you enjoy yours.

  4. So cute! I love a pointy toe shoe.

  5. Aren't those shoes just the best transition from winter to spring?? I love them!!


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