Tuesday, January 13, 2015

4 Ways to Wear a Crop Shirt

I adore the crop top trend and below are my favourite ways to wear it and not look like a teenager heading to a festival (come on, you know what I'm talking about... the tiny denim shorts... the crochet crop....) I think it can be a great, chic look that even your dad will approve of.
I feel like the title of this post should have added a little disclaimer saying "and not look like a Spice Girl" but I don't want to make out like they weren't the best band in existence (hee hee)

1. Crop shirt with Pencil Skirt
You want to keep everything high waisted with crop shirts (ain't no one got time for your navel) I love pairing a lady like skirt with an embellished crop. Keep the lines clean and clash prints with a funky side bag.

Crop and Pencil Skirt

2. Crop Shirt and Print Pants
I do love my patterned pants! Just throw on a high waist pair or a longer length crop. Boxy styles are great for everyday, 'I have errands' wear. Comfortable loafers and a bag big enough to carry everything and you're good to go.

Crop and Print Pants

3. Crop Bralette and Maxi Skirt
For an ethereal weekend look, drag out the skimpy crop top and pair it with your most voluminous maxi skirt. It's all about balance here, showing just the right amount of skin. Gold accessories (that apple bag has me in a swoon) are a great addition to play up the colours in the skirt. 

Crop and Maxi Skirt with Gold

4. Crop Shirt with Full Skirt
I can't get enough of the full midi skirt, they're great to wear with crops too! Dress down the girlishness of the 50's skirt with a laid back t-shirt crop and some chunky tan heels (stacked heels are great for midi skirts if you're short like me, adds that much needed height!). And yes mam you can do black and tan! Add a chunky necklace and a sparkly clutch to keep people guessing if you're going dancing or sitting on the couch. 

Crop and Full Skirt


  1. Good pairings. I have ordered a few crop tops in various styles from ASOS, and picked up one from Bardot that I thought would wear once, but in truth have not taken off. I am not a reveal my stomach kind of woman (at 30, this seems unnecessary) but I do wear a lot of high waist pieces, so the crop is perfect to sit over or tuck into these. Who knew that this would all make so much sense?! And no, the teen-festival-pair-it-with-denim-cut-offs isn't 'fashion', it's convenience for kids who are too scared to stand out. Next! Thank you for following and leaving comments for me on the blog. I am loving Stylight, I have found a bunch of great new bloggers to follow through it. xx Jenelle

    1. Thanks lovely! Oh I definitely am not going to be flashing my tummy anytime soon either ha ha ha
      Agreed on Stylight, can't wait to see more from you!

  2. I really like that Maxi skirt! Where's it from?

    1. I found it on Polyvore, it's fab isn't it? It's a Trager DeLaney 'Marble-print maxi skirt' but it's a little on the pricey side... you can have a look at matchesfashion.com


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