Sunday, December 22, 2013

Foxy Lady

Dress: Ebay, Shoes: Ebay (Christian Louboutin Pigalle imitation)

It is a well known fact among my friends that foxes are my favourite animal. Dating back to a significant event in my life (known as the fox story) they have become my 'spirit animal'. I found this amazing dress on Ebay and knew it would occupy a place of pride in my wardrobe. While it's different to my normal style, I love mixing it up and putting something loose, yet eye-catching on. The shoes are another amazing Ebay find (just type in red spike pump and bargains galore!) However since buying them I'm glad I didn't invest in a real pair of Louboutin's as these are very vampy and they certainly don't go unnoticed!
In case you hadn't noticed I'm feeling Christmassy and am rocking the red! The lipstick is YSL, no.17, my all time favourite red!

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