Monday, December 2, 2013

Crafty Lady

In the not so deep recesses of my heart lies a nanna who longs to knit in the sunshine and collect toilet rolls for the grandkids. My sister is an extremely creative and DIY spirited individual and this has transferred to me over time (like newspaper ink when you lean on it for too long) I think once you start DIYing or Pinning all the amazing projects on Pinterest you start to create a monster. There is almost nothing I look at that I don't immedietly think "I can do that!". Most of the time it is beyond my abilities (that's when I call the sister) but I do like to try my hand at some fun projects! Below are some of my cute (feel free to label them as awesome) creations. My bff and I recently sold some of the terrariums at Caringbah Markets, so if you'd like one email me! We're taking orders ;)

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