Saturday, December 28, 2013

Negativity New Year

Shirt: Topshop, Skirt: Bardot, Heels: Windsor Smith

The title is a mere hoax! I am VERY excited about the new year, I have a feeling 2014 and I are going to be bffs! However this is an outfit I am considering for New Years Eve, despite the nasty "I Hate You" it is one of my all time favourite shirts. I saw it online while living in Edinburgh and my local Topshop didn't have it in stock so I bided my time, lay in wait and then trekked down to London and annoyed every shop assistant in Oxford Circus till it was in my shopping bag!
I like to think of this outfit as a culmination of all my best purchases from 2012: the t-shirt, the skirt I picked up in last years Boxing Day sales with my step-mum that we both went "woah!" to and the heels that started my ankle strap/Windsor Smith obsession.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Foxy Lady

Dress: Ebay, Shoes: Ebay (Christian Louboutin Pigalle imitation)

It is a well known fact among my friends that foxes are my favourite animal. Dating back to a significant event in my life (known as the fox story) they have become my 'spirit animal'. I found this amazing dress on Ebay and knew it would occupy a place of pride in my wardrobe. While it's different to my normal style, I love mixing it up and putting something loose, yet eye-catching on. The shoes are another amazing Ebay find (just type in red spike pump and bargains galore!) However since buying them I'm glad I didn't invest in a real pair of Louboutin's as these are very vampy and they certainly don't go unnoticed!
In case you hadn't noticed I'm feeling Christmassy and am rocking the red! The lipstick is YSL, no.17, my all time favourite red!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Minty Fresh

Top: Asos, Shorts: Pull&Bear, Shoes: Windsor Smith

I've confessed my love for matching sets before and I'll say it again: They are the bomb (diggity).
Mint green also happens to be in my top 5 colours (after navy and red obviously) so anytime I see anything in it I snap it up! It was everywhere 2012/2013 and I do have quite the collection now but this shirt from Asos is one of my staples; a great boxy cut and perfect for work or play.
I also got my hair chemically straightened! I feel like I'm seeing how the other half live and I like it. Very exciting for a curly headed gal like myself and I'm looking forward to some trips to hot climates and not turning into a frizz monster! I can now jump out of the shower or surf and let me hair dry naturally. The only draw back was the 72 hour wait between washes (you can say ew again) but I did use some all natural DIY dry shampoo as they recommended against the real stuff (total bad ass over here)
Anyway, yay for Christmas almost being here! I'm heading up to QLD to test out my hair spend time with my family!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Crafty Lady

In the not so deep recesses of my heart lies a nanna who longs to knit in the sunshine and collect toilet rolls for the grandkids. My sister is an extremely creative and DIY spirited individual and this has transferred to me over time (like newspaper ink when you lean on it for too long) I think once you start DIYing or Pinning all the amazing projects on Pinterest you start to create a monster. There is almost nothing I look at that I don't immedietly think "I can do that!". Most of the time it is beyond my abilities (that's when I call the sister) but I do like to try my hand at some fun projects! Below are some of my cute (feel free to label them as awesome) creations. My bff and I recently sold some of the terrariums at Caringbah Markets, so if you'd like one email me! We're taking orders ;)