Saturday, November 16, 2013

Clinique It Girl Melbourne Photo Diary

Last month I got treated to a pampered night in Melbourne thanks to Clinique to meet beauty blogger Ponikuta. Needless to say, it was awesome! More details to come on my next Clinique post so look out for it on their Facebook page. In the meantime I wanted to share some happy snaps and shameless selfies with you all (hey I was feeling beautiful alright!)
I loved Melbourne too so please share any suggestions for shopping or eating your body weight in sweets!

UPDATE: Here is my Clinqiue Blog Article

The Melbourne Adventure: starring the Clinique It Girls and Ponikuta

What happens in Melbourne…. Gets posted on the Clinique It Girl blog!
I’d like to open with a confession…. I, a young fashion and beauty loving girl who adores all things stylish and cannot go past a cute cafĂ© loaded with cupcakes… HAD NOT BEEN TO MELBOURNE! You did not read that incorrectly, I’d simply never gotten around to it despite every person I met saying “Oh you would LOVE Melbourne” I've been waiting all year since becoming your Clinique It Girl to enjoy this part of the experience. And let me say, it most certainly lived up to expectations.
Despite a slight delay on our flight we arrived in the not so sunny (couldn't dampen my spirits!) Melbourne ready to be pampered. We had a few hours before we were meeting Valerie from Ponikuta at Rosetta for dinner: LET THE PAMPERING BEGIN!
We checked into the Sofitel on Collins and the room took my breath away. Amazing views, a bed bigger than my bathroom at home and lights that automatically switched on in the wardrobe and bathroom (putting that on the future house wish list)

Meeting Ling (who is as gorgeous and funny as she looks) was something I’d been looking forward to since I’d seen her hilarious entry video.  We rendezvoused in the lobby and headed to our first stop: Zucci Lifestyle Salon for Aveda in David Jones Bourke Street. Getting your hair done is usually a cause for celebration, you get a new ‘do and to walk out looking amazing. This salon experience was that on Christmas Day with Brad Pitt sitting beside you! I was treated to peppermint tea, selected my massage oils, got a relaxing head and shoulder massage, had my hair washed and treated, followed by another massage (hands this time) and lastly my hair was painstakingly tamed into a gorgeous, silky mane. One of the highlights (pun intended) was the communication, which sounds simple but it makes your experience 100 times better when you ask the stylist questions and they recommend good products (A couple free samples went into my purse hee hee) and give you some tips about what styles suit your hair (bounce can only be achieved through layers ladies!)

After leaving the salon (and doing my best to shield it from the wind) we split up to get our makeup done. I was booked in at the Clinique counter at Myer Melbourne. Here’s a hot tip for you; make up counters don’t just sell products, they will actually do your makeup! This wasn’t my first time getting my makeup done at a Clinique counter (obviously…)and the Clinique girls always deliver beautiful results. I’ll definitely be booking myself in before my next big event!
I’d decided to go for a glam look given my outfit for the night was a bit sexy and old fashioned. Like all good makeup artists, Alicia said to choose between big eyes or big lips (not both, that is a faux pas!) I went for eyes as they’re my favourite feature and we were going out to dinner… no sense in wasting good lipstick on the rim of a glass! I told Alicia to go for it (hey she’s the expert) and I was consulted the whole way through to make sure I liked it and knew what products were being used. I once again left feeling like a million dollars and with a new favourite Quick Liner colour, Peacock (you won’t regret it green eyed ladies)

After some time to get dressed and take selfies professional photos we were whisked off to Rosetta which is located at Crown Casino. The food and drinks that followed were bliss but the best part was all the beauty gossip! The table was beautifully set with personalised cards and fresh flowers. Ling and I grilled Valerie with our top blogging questions and she gave us excellent advice. My personal favourite tip is: You and your blog is your brand and you should always conduct yourself in a way that is professional. I found that really poignant as I think a lot of bloggers forget that people do get to know you by what you say and it should always reflect how you want to be seen. One of the topics we touched on was online bullying, now I won’t say too much about it because this isn’t the place, but I was shocked when I heard a couple stories. Three words girls: It’s Not On. Luckily there are ten times as many lovely people out there supporting you and loving what you do so don’t let any haters (online or offline) get you down.  Enough serious talk, back to the amazing food and cocktails ;) This was one of the loveliest dinners I’ve ever had out, and it wasn’t just the grade A food, it was the amazing company!

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