Sunday, October 27, 2013

Full Skirt and Gillie Heels aka Channeling Blair Eadie

Shirt, Mossman; Skirt, Asos; Sunglasses, Karen Walker Super Duper; Heels, Windsor Smith

What's my type? Atlantic Pacific is!
Atlantic Pacific is one of the blogs I visit a few times a week, because it's freakin' sweet and Blair Eadie is gorgeous, inspiring and has the best style. What I like best is that her style is equal parts chic and casual. Unlike a lot of fantastic blog outfits, you can tell she ACTUALLY wears it while she runs around town. It's practical looks like her's, that mix high street and designer brands, that are easily copied by us mere mortals.
Full skirts are making a come back and my favourite outfits of Blair's are her bright Tibi numbers. I picked up this beauty from Asos some time ago waiting for the right time to wear it... then the Gillie heels came along and well, you know how I feel about them! As an aside, they've become more and more comfortable as I've worn them so power on ladies, they soften up!


  1. So glad I've found your blog, love finding fellow Aussie ladies! This look is gorgeous on you, the skirt is so pretty!

    1. Thanks lovely! I love finding and connecting with other bloggers too :)
      I followed you on Bloglovin because I'm cool like that (and also like your blog ha ha)


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