Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Shoe Review: Windsor Smith Gillie Heels

Perhaps the most popular shoe amongst bloggers at the moment, the Gillie heels by Windsor Smith, are leading the way in the lace up heels trend. They come in black and red, and I just found out they now come in 'blush' aka nude! Naturally, I bought a pair right away. They're everything you see in the pictures and more... beautiful, sexy, casual yet dressy. They are just gorgeous. They look great with boyfriend jeans and pretty dresses. I haven't found a thing yet that they don't compliment. Experiment with how you lace them up, personally the plain 'around the ankle' suits me (I'm short so I don't want to reduce the length of my legs) but if you're leggy aka. Tuula try lacing them higher, looser, in bows, in creative knots.... go wild!

Now comes the 'but'. CAUTION: these shoes are not for the faint hearted! They are laced onto your lucky feet so don't be surprised when after a night out they leave marks along your legs (the black suede is staining my legs too but naughty me didn't spray them with protector like I was told) Like all stilettos they are not made for downhill runs; hold onto your friends for extra support ladies! My first adventure in these saw me leave a bag at a restaurant and make the same treacherous trek down a hill twice, almost limping by the end. The next time I wore them I wanted to lessen the 'beauty is pain' mantra and I put in some non slip grips; much better!

So yes... they hurt! Maybe I am a baby, but I must not be a big one since I cannot stop wearing them. The nude pair will look fantastic so who knows... maybe my shoe wardrobe will be making room for another pair!


  1. LOVE these heels!

  2. Hi!

    Love the GILLIE shoes.
    I have a question, is it true to size?
    I want to buy me a pair, but i’m from Europe
    so they have to ship them and if the sizing is wrong
    i have to ship them back and will take me a long time…

    Hope to hear from you.


    1. Hi Maryln

      I have a size 8 and I'm usually a 7.5. I find they fit really well, I wouldn't recommend going up a size unless you have a wide foot as you do slide forward in them (they're high!)
      Definitely grab yourself a pair, I get loads of compliments on them :)



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