Friday, August 30, 2013

Afternoon Sunshine

Shirt: H&M, Skirt: Vintage find, Heels: Windsor Smith

Sunny afternoons with my sister and niece make me feel so grateful and happy! It's not just because they're both giant cuties... there's just something about pretty green parks and soft light and bright flowers that just lifts the spirit (even if this particular park is next to a busy road ha ha) These are some snaps we...snapped while working on one of my Clinique posts (check it) My white Windsor Smith 'goes with everything' heels are back again (see this post) and so is my mirror image floral shirt from H&M (see this post) but the new addition to this blog is this amazing green pencil skirt! A great vintage find that took little to no rummaging to get my mits on, I fell for the colour straight away. It's not quite mint, but neither is it bright green and it's a lovely cotton fabric. A little bit of TLC on the button at the back and Viola! A sassy pencil skirt a la Gary Pepper Girl (I wish hee hee)
I'm getting ready for what is sure to be an amazing summer!

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  1. Beautiful photos! You look lovely!


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