Friday, August 30, 2013

Afternoon Sunshine

Shirt: H&M, Skirt: Vintage find, Heels: Windsor Smith

Sunny afternoons with my sister and niece make me feel so grateful and happy! It's not just because they're both giant cuties... there's just something about pretty green parks and soft light and bright flowers that just lifts the spirit (even if this particular park is next to a busy road ha ha) These are some snaps we...snapped while working on one of my Clinique posts (check it) My white Windsor Smith 'goes with everything' heels are back again (see this post) and so is my mirror image floral shirt from H&M (see this post) but the new addition to this blog is this amazing green pencil skirt! A great vintage find that took little to no rummaging to get my mits on, I fell for the colour straight away. It's not quite mint, but neither is it bright green and it's a lovely cotton fabric. A little bit of TLC on the button at the back and Viola! A sassy pencil skirt a la Gary Pepper Girl (I wish hee hee)
I'm getting ready for what is sure to be an amazing summer!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Clinique It Girl Post 5

I was so excited to attend my first fashion/style/beauty/notboringwork event! Clinique's Dramatically Different launch party was a fantastic night, but you can take my word for it over on my latest post. Their Facebook has some fantastic images and a very well done video of the night. There were plenty of bloggers for me to ogle, my personal fave being Carmen from Chronicles of Her; let me just say, even more gorgeous in the flesh!
For those of you who didn't read my Clinique post (shame on you) my cute, goldfish dress is by Nishe via Asos. I'll get some up close pictures soon to show you all how TO DIE FOR it is!

UPDATE:Since the links no longer work...

I have a confession to make…. I had not used Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion (DDML) before. Gasp! The horror! I apologise I was not on the band wagon. Sure, I knew it was Clinique’s top selling product… everywhere… ever. But the truth is I’d been using the Moisture Surge range (my current favourite was the Turnaround Concentrate) and then the Redness Solutions Day Cream. I guess I just never got around to DDML.

By now though, unless you are currently in residence under a rock, you’ve heard Clinique has released a new, improved and revamped DDML… PLUS! Bloggers, Clinique lovers and beauty fanatics have been going crazy for it. Not wanting to be left behind, I grabbed a bottle and gave it a whirl. Now I’m not going to say the same things you’ve heard everywhere… let’s just say it’s great. Simple as that, it’s great. It’s perfect for any skin type; quickly absorbed and my face feels flexible (it’s how I feel don’t judge) all day long.
Now what I am going to tell you about that is almost as awesome, is the launch party for DDML+ that Clinique kindly invited me to! It was yellow fever that night (not the bad, disease kind obviously) the yellow decorations, the yellow ice cream and the yellow drinks. My favourite champagne, Veuve Clicquot was over flowing in yellow flutes! Clinique really went above and beyond for this launch, the attention to detail (check out the cute sponge DDML cut outs in the pics!) and tasty canap├ęs really made an impact. I love fashion though (check out my blog here) so the highlight of my night was checking out the gorgeous fashionistas around! Now sadly I don’t watch much tv so the celebrities were lost on me but the fashion bloggers were not! I don’t want to gush or name drop but I saw a couple of my favourite style icons rocking their looks. I wore a dress by Nishe (via Asos) with embroidered goldfish on it, an “I cannot live without” find. While it didn’t match the yellow theme it was the perfect mix between chic and fun, which is what Clinique embodies for me! Suffice to say, there were plenty of ladies there that should be running fashion and beauty blogs if they’re not already; just gorgeous! I wish I’d met a few more people, sadly it wasn’t exactly the sort of room where you felt confident introducing yourself to strangers (well not me anyway!) but if there’s one thing I’ve learnt in my short years; networking is an art!

Apologies for writing a whole post that incites jealousy! I’ll invite you all to any event I throw, but I can’t promise it will be for a product this great. Double the moisture, some extra yellow fun and you have a continued best seller.

Clinique It Girl Post 4

Cheesy photo but such a beautiful day! Summer is making it's return and to celebrate my last Clinique post featured their popular and colourful Chubby Stick Intense in Roomiest Rose. Check it out here
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This is a love story, roses and all, about a gorgeously shaded Chubby Stick Intense and the girl who had to wear it.

My life has been better since I fell in love with Clinique’s Chubby Sticks. The glossy finish, the hint of colour… how could any other compare? Then they released Chubby Stick Intense. At first I thought, “I must have it!” then the feelings of guilt crept up…. Was I being unfaithful to the original Chubby Stick by loving another? Of course, I quickly realised that was ridiculous because a girl can never have too many Chubby Sticks!

The new Chubby Stick Intense is a lipstick lover’s dream. As you would expect it’s a regular Chubby Stick with the colour amped up, but the best part is it loses none of its creaminess that made me fall in love with the Chubby Stick range in the first place.  So easy to use (you may want to grab a mirror for the Intense shades though) the moisturising effect left my lips looking and feeling soft. What winter flakes!?

My handbag is startling to resemble a Clinique counter because I just can’t leave any of the shades at home. Being a hoarder has its perks though as you can see from my impromptu photo shoot in the park! My sister (the photographer extraordinaire) and I were originally lazing around with my beautiful niece when the afternoon sun and some roses I bought inspired us to get snapping. The shade I’m wearing is Roomiest Rose (naturally) and applying it just transports me to green gardens overflowing with flowers…. I’m reminiscing being in Paris at Versailles or the Jardin de Tuileries. Ahhh if I only I had had my Chubby Sticks with me during my travels, after all, it’s always nicer to be with the one you love.