Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Clinique It Girl Post 3

My latest Clinique Post is ready for reading! Sunny Cairns was the perfect backdrop for testing out the new CC Cream (simple living ladies, simple island living)
 Always love to hear what you think :)
Check it out!

The launch of the amazing CC cream (don’t act like you haven’t heard about it by now!) coincided with a cheeky weekend trip I took to Cairns. CC… Clinique… Cairns… Coincidence? I think not!
My Cairns adventure was a desperate attempt to enjoy just one more sunny day before winter took over. Let me say, it was a gorgeous success! If you haven’t been to Cairns, head on up there and take a short boat ride to bathe in the clear waters and lie on the sandy, warm beaches. Inspired by my island home (My one day residency counts) I wanted to do a guide to minimal make up. I love ‘looking like I woke up like this’ and simple make up looks fresh in hot or cold climes.

Now don’t get confused with CC corn chips, this cream is not going to leave you looking like you’re covered in (delicious) spices! CC stands for Colour Corrector and it is working wonders for uneven skin tone. Tinted moisturiser is my Clinique staple and long-time love (scroll back through the Clinique Facebook feed and you’ll see my gushing It Girl competition entry about it) The moisture surge element is helping chase my skins winter blues away, fix the flaky skin and hide the grey tinge that’s matching the skies. It’s also SPF 30+. That’s not a typo… Australian girls, worry not about sun damage and wrinkles by adding this to your beauty draw. Onto the make up!

After your 3 step cleansing ritual (Don’t neglect now….) if you’re like me and suffer from dark circles grab your Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector and dab a touch on under both eyes.
Follow up with your CC cream! There’s 4 shades to choose from; I gave light a go and found it to be spot on for both me and my friend (I’m cool and share my new beauty products) and we have different skin tones (I’m pink, she’s yellow)! I found a little goes long way so start small and build your layers as needed. It is more of a foundation rather than moisturiser consistency so don’t spread it all over like you’re painting the walls. If you’re patient enough for a brush (I’m lying on a towel in a bikini so I’m not) that’d be your best option.

Next up, a blush in a brown hue or bronzer if you’ve got darker skin (being pale, a blush is enough for me) I apply it from my apples to my lower temple in a ‘C’ shape (This isn’t just because of the product name!), sweeping back and forth. I use my favourite Fresh Bloom Allover Colour in Peony Blend because it’s got just a touch of sparkle.
Lastly, apply one or two coats of High Impact Mascara and you’re ready to relax on the beach or wander around the shops pretending you always look this gorgeous.
Sound too easy? It is! And that’s the best part ;)

Finders Keepers Firehouse Shorts

Now, I know the name these shorts is a little random... I mean, they're certianly not in the colour palette of reds and oranges we'd associate with 'fire' but the more I looked at them the more I thought more abstractly Hunger Games, Girl on Fire, about them. Finders Keepers called them Firehouse because they're on fire with their bad assness and gorgeousness! I'd seen them floating around the world wide web and stalked and lurked and dreamnt and fell in love. But, like all great loves I couldn't find a way to express this until I was holding them (I don't know if this is actually how love works but it seems about right) As soon as they appeared on LaLa Bazaar I snapped them up. There was no way I was missing out on these babies! Grab yourself a pair while you still can!
Also, if you haven't heard about LaLa Bazaar, you want to listen up because they are just the most charming online store. They have a points scheme (yep, purchases equals more cash) a free gift with purchase, will match any lower price you find, free shipping Australia wide and the sort of personalised shopping (complete with the sweer handwritten notes) that make you feel like you're getting VIP in store treatment.
Enough gushing, here I am looking like a big tourist in Cairns, rocking my shorts and wearing my Windsor Smith Chunks again. I went to beautiful Cairns on a weekend getaway with my friend to enjoy the sunshine before the Australian winter took over. It is so breathtaking up there in North Queensland, so worth the trip even though we got shocking tides for snorkeling (I'll be back Great Barrier Reef, just you wait!)

Shorts: Finders Keepers Firehouse Shorts; Blouse, thrifted; Shoes: Windsor Smith Chunk; Sunglasses, Karen Walker, Bunny