Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pastel Styling

Top, Sussan; Pants, H&M; Heels, Windsor Smith; Necklace, Market find

Pastels are my 'jam'. Being pale, I love how they make me look sun kissed. There's just something so fresh about light colours head to toe, especially when as soon as winter hits the crowds become a sea of black. Mint green is my favourite pastel but it is closely followed by baby pink (even the names for pastels sounds sweet!) Patricia Chang, who is my very favourite designer (you will have seen some of her gems on Gary Pepper and Tuula) has a penchant for pastels. Check out her Instagram and be transported to a world of gentle hues and adorable miniatures.
Back to the outfit though... These heels are another Windsor Smith pair, in white again.... I guess I officially have a thing ha ha ha The cute pants need to be worn with skin coloured underwear (unless you feel like making a statement....) but are still really nice material; tight without being 'tights'. The shirt, oh yes, I shop at Sussan...with my mum, because mum's love Sussan! Ha ha ha they have some great staples though and the quality is fantastic for the price. I originally bought the shirt as a lazy gym shirt but it held it's shape so well and was too sweet to hide indoors. If you follow me on Instagram you will know this UH-MAZE-ING necklace cost me a grand total of 4 dollars. You heard it right. Every month at my work there are markets and usually they're a hit and a miss but not this time! Hopefully that stall will be there again...
On another note, I went to Fashion Weekend in Sydney courtesy of Breakfast with Audrey, where I picked up a great Talulah dress for a ridiculously low price. There was loads of fantastic bargains to be had but it was more of an 'expo' vibe and the crowds did not make for a great experience, bargains aside!
Anyway, that's all from me this week! I'm heading to Cairns next weekend (work's getting me down ha ha) and I will take many a happy snap!

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  1. I love the colour palette and I am especially charmed by the sandals. Plus I would never have guessed that that necklace cost you just 4 dollars, it looks waaaaay more expensive!

    xoxo, Sam


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