Saturday, May 11, 2013

Kenzo jumper and French feelings

Kenzo inspired jumper, With Love Kirsten Boutique;  Striped dress, Boo Hoo Clothing; Cloche Hat, Forever New;
Heels, Kmart; Frilly socks, Target

Unlike most people I don't mind the colder weather... I don't like rain or wind, but I like a crisp, sunny day where I can throw on a cute jumper like this Kenzo inspired one and play at being French. Of course I know it's a stereotype that French people love stripes and cute hats, but it's a stereotype I want to indulge because I love both of those things!
I'm seeing bright green making a come back, maybe it's off the back of the mint green trend, but I am loving it! The adorable cloche I picked up some time ago is a favourite of my hat collection which I shall thrill you all with this coming winter. I often think I would've been suited to the 1920's where women always wore hats (but I also enjoy being respected in the workplace too so maybe not ha ha) Socks and heels are also a girly, vintage style I am such a fan of but for some reason find hard to wear. Maybe because of my short, somewhat muscly legs? I've bitten the bullet though and just started living my dreams doing it, so any styling tips for shorter girls would be greatly appreciated!
And lastly, I cut my hair! I saw it on so many bloggers and I thought "Yep, it's time" I'd had long hair since highschool and it was overdue for a change. I love it of course, and it honestly feels like I have a whole new wardrobe as I'm learning what outfits and styles suit it best!
I have another Clinique post coming up in the next couple weeks, which I am very excited about so watch this space!

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  1. I had those socks when I was little! So cute!

    Love your hair like this.

    Kate from Clear the Way


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