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First Clinique It Girl Post

I'm very excited to announce my first blog post for Clinique has gone live! Excuse the grubby fingerprints on the mirror in this shot and click here to read all about my Clinique consultation. If the rest of this journey is anything like this first experience, I am in for a real treat :)
I would love to know what you all think!
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For my first review, Clinique asked me to head to one of their counters and go through the basic consultation steps. This will decide the right 3-step system for my skin, as well as a foundation match. Sounds good right?

Well, the way I see it is most women fit into 1 of 2 categories, and these are decided the moment you hear the words: BEAUTY COUNTER.
The first group will feel a Christmas Eve thrill run up their spine as they imagine the new products, the bright lights, smiles, and their handbag laden with obligatory samples to take home!
The next group (me) will start making excuses and feel awkward. We don’t want to seem pushy or presumptuous (“Maybe they don’t have time to do your make up!” my brain scolds) And let’s face it, we fear looking ‘cheap’ if we don’t buy anything! This usually has us heading to the nearest Priceline to sample their wares.

Today is the day I face those fears! Without Clinique suggesting this field trip, I can honestly say, no, I wouldn’t have visited a beauty counter. However, let’s take a trip down memory lane…
I had terrible skin as a puberty riddled teenager (don’t we all though?). Naturally, I thought mine was THE WORST. One birthday, horrified by the industrial strength products I was using on my face, my step mum bought me my very first Clinique 3 Step System. I remember it came in a gorgeous case, it was a number 3 (oily skin here, remember!) and I LOVED it. Still to this day I tell my friends it is what saved my skin and helped turn it around. In turn, making my teenage years far more enjoyable as I no longer had to wear a paper bag on my head (joking!)

So keeping this in mind, I’ve decided to brave the beauty counter and conquer the consultation!
Clinique’s counter in Sydney’s David Jones was immaculate to say the least! Chic and well designed so you didn’t feel like you were sitting in the middle of the store. Greeted by the gorgeous Romina, she talked me through the process and straight away asked me what my main skin care concern was. I had already put some thought into this and had settled on uneven skin tone. I feel my skin always looks either ashen or red and patchy and few foundations seem to cover it well enough. Which brought Romina to another important question: What do you want out of your foundation? Besides making me look airbrushed, I want a foundation that has even and long lasting coverage. Too much to ask? Apparently, not at all! We continued running through the consultation process; Did I experience breakouts, redness etc? Redness; Tick! What was my skin type, oily, dry, combination? What were my thoughts on anti-aging products? Do I tan easily? (For those of you playing at home, a resounding no) What seemed like random questions to me was obviously painting a coherent picture for Romina; remember Clinique is developed by dermatologists! I won’t drone on about my skin (which wasn’t the horrible complexion I imagined!) but I want to share the important things I learnt.

Firstly, I was outside the traditional 3-step system. This surprised me thinking I had oily skin, Romina told me that your skin changes as you get older and a number 3 (oily) is too harsh because I have combination skin. Redness changes the whole ball game and I fell into the Redness Solutions 3-step. Using this everyday will calm and hydrate my skin from the inside, reducing my ‘flushed’ skin tone.

Secondly, after being scolded for only washing my face at night (I’m Gen-Y ok!) Romina reminded me that good skin care is an investment for later and spending the time on doing it right will benefit me later. I often discounted the 2nd toner step as unnecessary but it exfoliates and tightens pores, which is critical to the young, glowing look, which despite my age, somehow eludes me.

Thirdly, I learnt about hydration lines. I am quite slack when it comes to drinking the daily 2 litres and was shown that oily skin doesn’t equal hydrated skin! This wowed me, so I’ve included a picture below of Romina showing me my hydration lines. I think a lot of us take for granted how easy and cheap (free really) to look after your skin from the inside by drinking more water.

Lastly, Romina let me try out some different foundation types; she advised that you should always go for the coverage you’re most confident in. After sampling some textures and matching the colours along my jaw bone I settled on the Stay Matte range. Romina happened to be wearing it and honestly, it looked fantastic! It’s hydrating but doesn’t give that ‘dewy’ look, which just isn’t right for me throughout a long day of running around; I need something that stays put!

After attending this consultation I have to admit, there is great value in learning what is right for you, I already feel 10X more confident about my skin, and not just because I left wearing gorgeous make up. It shouldn’t be a daunting experience but a chance to get insight from a professional into how you can better your skin. Romina made learning the science behind skin fun! The main lesson I came away with was: You have to work from the outside and the inside for good skin, Clinique takes care of the outside for you. Anyway, I’m off to wash my face, with all the steps, no skipping, I swear!

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