Friday, March 15, 2013

What I need: Knit Jumpers

I'm sure I'm not the only girl this happens to, but I can't help feel that it is so much worse for me. I become obsessed, anxious, my eyes are everywhere just looking for that one thing, that will make my wardrobe complete, just one thing! The one thing (this week) is the perfect knit jumper.
The weather has turned here in Australia, and Autumn is creeping up, and with this I've realised I don't own a gorgeous, luxurious knit jumper! I'm feeling either a navy or a beige, maybe a cable knit or a cosy angora... The search is on! I think the slouchy (but not oversized) style is best. I don't want to look swamped, but I want to 'let it all hang out' too. I've collected some inspiration to keep me focused during my quest. I always find it easier to know what I really want, and not get sidetracked by price or sizing!
If anyone has any suggestions from where they bought their knit (I know you've already found the perfect one!) I'd love to know!

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