Monday, March 4, 2013

Australian Designers I Love: Shakuhachi, Lover the Label and Karen Walker

 The Autmn/Winter 2013 fashion releases for the Southern Hemisphere are happening left, right and center! It's always such a great time, and not just for the new trends but because I feel like Australian Designers really get to shine. We have countless designers down under (there should probably be a fashion association called that) that deserve way more international press than they get! Which is why it always makes me smile when I see Australian babes like blogger Tuula and supermodel, Miranda Kerr, rocking Australian labels for all the world to admire. So here are three of my favourite releases from three of my favourite labels: Shakuhachi, Lover the Label and Karen Walker....


Lover the Label

Karen Walker (Who is technically from New Zealand but it still counts!)

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  1. Love all of them!
    - Charlotte


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