Sunday, March 24, 2013

Clinique It Girl 2013: Winners are Grinners!

This week I received some fantastic news... I was chosen to be one of the 2013 Clinique It Girls! So, I shall start my excitement by thanking you all! I cannot begin to express how much your voting and well wishes have meant to me. Not to get too mushy, but I will always be grateful for this opportunity!

The next best part of this news, is I get to share it with another winner named Ling, who is the author of a fantastic blog, aptly named: The Best Beauty Blog. As soon as I saw her video I thought "Well I hope she gets picked too!" She looks like a riot, plus like me, she's lived in Scotland! I'm really looking forward to meeting her.
So, most of you are wondering "Yes, great, but what does it all mean Basil?!"

Well I had a phone call from the lovely Clinique team and the long and short of it, is that I get to do product reviews for their brand (hellooooo awesome products!) and blog on their page until next February! Along with a guest post on Breakfast with Audrey, I also get to meet another Australian beauty blogger, Ponikuta, who I can't wait to grill for tips! There are many more exciting perks which I will share with you all along the way!

To round it up, I am thrilled to be given this opportunity and I'm dreaming of where this all will lead! I hope you all share this journey with me, naturally I will link my posts to here for you all! Clinique is a brand that I have long loved (I 100% believe the 3-step pack my step-mum gave me saved my skin!) Once again, my sincerest thanks and eternal gratitude for your votes!
Here's to the future!

Friday, March 15, 2013

What I need: Knit Jumpers

I'm sure I'm not the only girl this happens to, but I can't help feel that it is so much worse for me. I become obsessed, anxious, my eyes are everywhere just looking for that one thing, that will make my wardrobe complete, just one thing! The one thing (this week) is the perfect knit jumper.
The weather has turned here in Australia, and Autumn is creeping up, and with this I've realised I don't own a gorgeous, luxurious knit jumper! I'm feeling either a navy or a beige, maybe a cable knit or a cosy angora... The search is on! I think the slouchy (but not oversized) style is best. I don't want to look swamped, but I want to 'let it all hang out' too. I've collected some inspiration to keep me focused during my quest. I always find it easier to know what I really want, and not get sidetracked by price or sizing!
If anyone has any suggestions from where they bought their knit (I know you've already found the perfect one!) I'd love to know!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Australian Designers I Love: Shakuhachi, Lover the Label and Karen Walker

 The Autmn/Winter 2013 fashion releases for the Southern Hemisphere are happening left, right and center! It's always such a great time, and not just for the new trends but because I feel like Australian Designers really get to shine. We have countless designers down under (there should probably be a fashion association called that) that deserve way more international press than they get! Which is why it always makes me smile when I see Australian babes like blogger Tuula and supermodel, Miranda Kerr, rocking Australian labels for all the world to admire. So here are three of my favourite releases from three of my favourite labels: Shakuhachi, Lover the Label and Karen Walker....


Lover the Label

Karen Walker (Who is technically from New Zealand but it still counts!)