Sunday, November 4, 2012

Casual Sunday

Jumper: Vintage, Skirt: Vintage, Boots: Ebay

Here's a couple happy (yes, this is my happy face ha ha ha) snaps we took on an overcast Sunday. Sunday is always such a bittersweet day; you're never expected to get out of your pyjamas but you know work is starting again the next day. I really wanted to show off my new earrings. This is just one pair of the magpies haul I've been collecting for the last couple weeks! I am so in love (obsessed even) with the glam, paste jewellery trend. It adds some fun to a casual outfit and it's always great to play dress up. Expect to see many more Elizabeth Taylor inspired jewellery in the coming weeks!
I always get lots of compliments on the striped jumper. It is great material that hangs perfectly (depsite being an overszied shirt not a jumper ha ha ha) and the colours are very flattering, especially since you can't go wrong with a breton stripe.
Now for the skirt, yes, it's love. I picked this up in the UK and it's true and perfect vintage, and once again is a style that's come around again. Scalloping is back and this suede skirt is one of my favourite colours and it's very flattering (hello waist!) My only worry in the world while wearing this skirt is should one side somehow get caught, the snap buttons down the front would give way and leave me very embarrassed. But it's something I'm willing to risk!
And yes, those boots again. They're just too good not to wear!


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