Friday, October 5, 2012

Orchid Love

Dress: Ebay, Skirt: Harry Who?, Watch: Ebay

I took a few quick snaps in my lunch break to welcome the beautiful spring weather. Orchids are my favourite flower, and I'd seen this dress floating around on Lookbook so when I found it on Ebay I snapped it up right away! I'm a total sucker for mirror print (in case you hadn't noticed). It brings back childhood memories of painting on paper then folding it in half to make a pretty (usually a butterfly) picture, did everyone else used to do this as well?! The shift style is so flattering and the colours are to die for (pictures do not do it justice). My only complaint is that it is very short, and I am not even a tall girl. Luckily, I've been wanting to try the long shirt/short skirt style many girls favour, so I added (one of) my leather skirts. I guess it worked perfectly since all day people kept complimenting me on my 'dress'!


  1. I absolutely love this dress! And it fits perfectly on you!!
    New follower via GFC ^^

    Btw , I just started a giveaway!!!
    Come join it if you want ^^
    A loser like me


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