Sunday, October 7, 2012

High Tea

Floral Pants: ICE; Shirt: Vintage; Denim Jacket: Vintage Levis; Boots: Ebay

This weekend my mum, my sister and I enjoyed a spot of high tea at Camellia Gardens. Needless to say, it was lovely, even the rainy weather couldn't spoil the beauty of the gardens, or stop us taking a couple snaps! I should apologise now for the very un-model type faces, my mother can be very distracting and cheeky when she's excited (more on that another time...)
 I've been loving floral pants lately, they're fantastic for the changing weather we've been having here in Australia. The colours are bright without being over the top, and almost every single one of my shirts goes with them; that's a win in my book! These boots are my latest shoe love (and naturally the newest in my wardrobe), I bought them off Ebay and they are so comfortable! The heel is sturdy, the sole has a good grip and quite frankly, chelsea boots rock. I love how they look in any colour, they're chic and can be dressy or casual; another win! My denim jacket is an old staple I've had in my wardrobe long before denim was considered trendy, but it just goes to show, styles come back around. So never throw anything away! (Kidding, of course)

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  1. Those are some awesome pants, i love them!



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