Saturday, September 16, 2017

Review: Do Cheap Fashion Bikinis Live Up To The Hype?

When Summer is on it's way, the hunt for new season bikinis is on. Whether you're after the perfect lace up style or specific high-waisted blue bikini bottoms, you're sure to stumble across sites like Rosegal (similar to Zaful) that offer on trend pieces for less. At less than $25 for a bikini when other brands are asking $200, it's extremely tempting. But is it worth? Well I got my hands on some el cheapo swimwear and here's what I thought...

Here are the two bikinis I chose:

A one-shoulder high waist scallop edge light blue bikini (trying to get every trend in one go clearly!)

And a mustard yellow tied front bikini.

The Sizing

This is the bit that stops most people buying cheap bikinis. Asian sizing is not the same as Western sizing so go into this knowing you'll most likely have to go a size or two up. I'm usually an AU 10 (and a D cup up top) and went for a large in both, knowing they'd run small and wanting to give an accurate review of the sizing in two quite different styles.
The blue bikini was actually on the big side and is quite a generous fit. It doesn't have any hard stitched edges and is pretty damn flattering because of it. It's a very soft style, but perfectly stretchy. If you're looking at getting one, I'd recommend choosing a size a bit closer to your normal one as there is a lot of give.
As for the yellow bikini, I'm VERY glad I got a large. The top half accommodates my assets fine which is a very pleasant surprise and the band isn't too tight. The bottom half though doesn't have as much give as I would have liked, so while it fits, the string sides do dig in a little. If you've got a bit of a muffin top like me, I'd pick a style with wide sides. In saying that though, the cut of it is fab and the I love how the back makes my butt look.

The Quality

The quality was what surprised me the most! It was really good!
These are not see-through bikinis where your bits are going to shine through (lol at the visual though). The blue style is quite thick and I think this is due to it's light colour, so in my opinion that shows they were definitely made with wearability in mind. Everything is lined properly and we all know how important that is in a bikini!
The stitching is all perfect and the clips on the yellow bikini are good quality that don't slip out when wearing.

Would I Buy Again?

I would definitely add more one season wear bikinis to my wardrobe from here. If I loved a style and thought it wasn't going to last until next season (which is super common these days thanks to fast fashion), I'd look at getting a cheap bikini so I didn't feel like I'd wasted money when I didn't want to wear it again next year.

Disclaimery stuff: While Rosegal didn't pay me for this article, they did kindly send me products to review. All opinions are my own of course, because that's how I roll.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

2017's Biggest Trend Is 100% Going To Be Embroidered Summer Dresses

Old school Russian women were onto something alright. Traditional embroidered outfits are making a BIG comeback this year and it's all going to reach fever pitch this Summer. How do you wear it without getting dolled up in an actual sarafan*? Here are five embroidered summer dresses from Rosegal you need in your wardrobe...

1. Make It Oversized 
Trendsetters know the quickest way to make something look edgy is to add some volume. I'm loving the simple embroidered accents on this dress! It's loose and breezy enough for Summer AND will take you into Winter.

2. Work It
A tailored shirt dress with cute accents (like these birds) is a great way to get the trend into your work wardrobe. Just roll up the sleeves for extra style and if the weather gets too warm.

3. Bohemian Dream
Nothing says Boho like embroidery! Dress up (or down) a navy number with tan accessories and loose curls.

4. Velvet Combo
Perfect for a balmy Summer night out, an embroidered velvet midi dress is super luxe.

5. A Little Bit Of Mesh
Mesh and embroidery go together like lamb and mint. The best way to rock it is a flirty mesh skirt or dress overlay with bright stitching.

You want some new clothes, why not taking a look over here?
Summer sales ongoing, all from 33% off. Use code RGEN for another 10% off!
Time for a new outfit!

*Yeah I Googled what they're called. This is a serious blog people 😉

Sunday, August 6, 2017

42 Hours In Hobart

It's hardly news that I love travelling, so when Jetstar got all cute with their cheap flights around Australia I bit the bullet and booked a solo trip to Hobart. I'd always wanted to go to Tasmania because everyone says it's just like Scotland (it totally is, especially in winter haha) and I miss my old Edinburgh home often. Thanks to only just starting a new job though I couldn't exactly take a week off (plus I've heard you can see the entire island of Tasmania in a week so knew I wouldn't need it) so I ended up being there for exactly 42 hours and decided to make the most of it. So here we go, how to spend a weekend in Hobart and all the things you should see in the charming city!

1:00pm: Arrive (because you booked the cheapest flight possible)
2:00pm: Skip checking in at your hotel and head to the Salamanca Markets because they close in an hour.
2:15pm: Smash a couple oysters that are so fresh and fantastic you want to wear the shells as earrings.
2:30pm: Hop on the Mona Roma ferry to the museum.
3:00pm: Arrive at Mona and dive into the intenseness that is probably one of the best museums in the world. 

5:00pm: Hop on the ferry back and grab a wine from the on board bar because why not.
5:30pm: Finally check in.
6:30pm: Head out to find dinner and a drink.
7:00pm: Despair over lack of comfortable options for solo travellers.
7:15pm: Stumble upon bar of dreams (The Quartermasters Arms) with welcoming and cute bartender who promises you won't feel awkward being alone.
7:30pm: Relax in front of the fire with delicious local beer and eggplant chips (don't knock 'em until you've tried them!)
8:00pm: Consume more beer and consider moving in because this is the best bar you've ever been to.
9:00pm: Decide they probably don't want you to and head home.
9:15pm: Shower and set alarm because you're an adult.
10:00pm: Attempt to sleep through bogan couple fighting.
11:00pm: Finally fall asleep.

6:30am: Wake up and eat squeezey overnight oats that you're ashamed to find delicious because it's like eating baby food.
7:30am: Get picked up by Tours To Go for a day exploring Wine Glass Bay and Freycinet National Park (10/10 recommend these guys! Super chill, a lot of people around my age (no offence to kids but nah) and very knowledgeable... also cheapest hahaha) 
9:30am: Quick stop to play with Paddymelon wallabies which are the cutest things in the world.
11:00am: Dine on local speciality, curry and scallop pie and grab a coffee to go.
12:50pm: Start hiking to Wine Glass Bay and become pleasantly surprised by your fitness levels.
1:30pm: Photo op x 1000

2:00pm: Head to Honeymoon Bay and see seals SO close you could jump in and touch them if it wasn't the middle of winter.
2:30pm: Drive up to Cape Tourville and look at The Nuggets (lol) and more seals. 
3:00pm: Get one cheeky extra stop at Friendly's Beach and be blown away by how white the sand is and how magical Tasmania is.

4:00pm: Very important snack stop.
4:30pm: Start driving back to Hobart.
4:33pm: Fall asleep.
7:00pm: Arrive back in town and decide you can't go one more minute without dumplings.
7:30pm: Convince another girl on your trip this is imperative too and consume mass dumplings together.
8:30pm: Have a red wine at the hotel in front of the fire.
9:00pm: Shower and spot fighting couple. 
9:01pm: Give them side eye.
10:00pm: Bed time to the blissful silence of a couple who have either broken up or realise they're both idiots.

5:30am: Head to the airport.
6:30am: Arrive 90 minutes early for your flight and wonder how on earth that happened.
7:00am: Spot a Swiss guy from your tour yesterday and chat about shared wanderlust over coffee.
8:00am: Fly out of Hobart, promising you'll be back. 

Sunday, April 9, 2017

I Went Vegan For 30 Days And Here's What I Learned

Recently I decided to challenge myself to 30 days of vegan living. I got asked "why" A LOT, and truthfully, it's simply because I was curious! The health benefits are well known and I thought why not give myself a #cleaneating kick and maybe become a bit more woke in the process? Naturally I survived and now I want to share with y'all what I learned from it...

The first week (nay, day) I quickly realised that real key to being vegan is simply being prepared. Finding food in a pinch or on the go that you know contains no animal products is pretty limited and maybe I'm a baby, but it's stressful.

Food prep is seriously worth it's weight in gold and by week 2 I had pans of flavoured nuts roasting, mushrooms and tomatoes sauteed for brekky and a number of different vegan cuisines bookmarked.

The other thing I learned pretty early on is that vegan does not equal healthy. I ate double, sometimes triple, the amount of carbs I normally eat just because they were easy to come by and I knew I wasn't going to mess it all up by having it (which I did on auto-pilot in week 1 by pouring cow's milk onto my cereal).

I am a BIG meat eater, so it surprised me that I didn't really miss it all that much. It was more of a convenience thing to eat a chicken dish I realised. I did miss coffee though! I still had it, but with almond milk and while I'm hardly a big coffee drinker but it just wasn't the same *sad face*.

The biggest downside because of my oh-so-popular lifestyle was eating out. It was ruined. Nowhere caters for vegans and I often got stuck eating fries. I did make a point to go to a dedicated vegan restaurant, the Nourishing Quarter in Sydney, though and try their cuisine and it was delicious! It's just such a shame that many places don't even bother having ONE vegan option. So yeah, dining out left me feeling like I was missing out, but I couldn't deny how flat my stomach was so I persevered!

By week 3 I was cruising and I had SO much energy (plus was looking slim AF). The 30 days were up quicker than I'd thought and I was actually shocked by how simple it was in the end. Is it the lifestyle for me? I don't think so BUT I do plan to follow a vegan diet more often, making my breakfasts and lunches all vegan. They were the simplest meals to swap out for me and while I realise it's not for everyone (heck, I didn't even think it was for me!) I do think it's worth a try.

So what did I eat you ask?

Breakfast was usually peanut butter on toast with bananas or strawberries. If I was after savoury I'd dig into avocado on toast with vegies, but my personal fave quickly became baked beans and avo. HOLY SMOKES IT IS GOOD. I also had some honey free cereal (always read the ingredients well, they're few and far between) and almond milk in reserve in case I was running late.

My personal lunch time favourites were this Moroccan tagine (all those chickpeas are ideal for getting your protein) and this veggie noodle bowl (pretty much everything from Oh She Glows is suitable for vegans or can easily be subbed). I'd just make up big batches and live off it all week. I'm too busy usually to worry about getting bored with lunch.

For dinner I tried to mix it up a bit though. I tried lentil burgers (you can find these in the cold section of most supermarkets or make your own if you prefer), I made up my own recipe for vegan burritos using taco seasoning, but sometimes I'd go for comfort and whip up a batch of roast potatoes, pumpkin and carrot.

I'm a HUGE snacker so having stuff on hand to satisfy every craving was important. I would make up batches of maple roasted nuts every week or these vegan muesli bars for sweet cravings. Savoury munchies were sorted with air popped popcorn, Vegemite on Ryvitas or hummus on crackers (again, check the label, not all hummus' are created equal).

With a bit of planning it's easily doable. Plus you get to eat ALL the acai ðŸ‘‡

There you have it! The story of how one meat-loving lady stepped outside her comfort zone and lived to tell the tale! After reading this would you try vegan?

Sunday, February 26, 2017

3 Ways To Get More Wear Out Of Your Bikini


Let's be real: swimwear can be very expensive. It's not like a t-shirt where any old woven cotton will do, swimmers get a battering in the ocean and pool. They have to hold their shape (no one wants to come out of the surf sans pants) and they can't go see-through (better to just lose the top maybe). So you can see why a decent bikini set can eat into your budget.

But what if I told you I'd figured out a few sneaky ways to make it your favourite two-piece go the distance? Using my fave bralette 'kini from Zulu and Zephyr (which has the BEST in built support!) I'll show you 3 styling tricks to get more wear out of your beach attire...

1. As a yoga top

2. Over a t-shirt

3. Under a low-cut dress

If you are in the market for a new set of bathers, and don't want to spend a fortune just to see the pretty design gather sand, head over to Surf Stitch. They are literally ALWAYS on sale and have the best range from the best brands.

Surf Stitch provided me with the bikini pictured in this post but all opinions are my own.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

What I Learnt In 2016

It's that special time of year again where I impart my newfound knowledge on you all! I just don't like jumping into a new year and making sweeping statements about my goals or 'resolutions' until I really understand what I learnt in the year just gone. As always, some things are enlightening, some I should have learnt as a child so bear with me. 

  • I'm old enough now to not get upset when things don't go right. It's enlightening to have already been there and done that and go "oh yeah, I've learnt that lesson before". You just roll with it easier. YAY AGEING!
  • It's really hard to write a blog when you write for a living. There, I explained why I'm quiet on here lately, and yes, I do want to make it noisy again in 2017.
  • Cooking for your loved ones is actually a pure joy. Feeding others with food you've made from scratch is another growing up lesson so if you're not there yet, just trust me.
  • Trust no bitch. Except your mum.
  • Choices aren't always a 'red wire, blue wire' scenario. Sometimes there isn't an option that's worse than the others and the best way to choose is deciding what those choices say about the person you are. Which leads me onto...
  • Paint your own future. You can grow and change at anytime and you 1000% do not have to do what's expected. Just do you!
  • People actually love receiving phone calls out of the blue. Thinking of someone? Give 'em a bell! I promise they'll appreciate it.
  • Your coworkers are not your friends. This isn't harsh, they certainly can be your pals, but more of a friendly reminder that everyone has a role to play and not to confuse motives.
  • The best gift you can give and receive is someone's time. The second best is something personalised #GiftResponsibly.
  • It's hard to believe but even your deepest obsession (with a person, hobby, cereal brand) will fade. It happens slowly and the weird thing is you won't miss it once it's gone.
  • Nothing is so bad that it can't be fixed by a margarita (except being drunk, a marg will make it worse)

Thursday, November 10, 2016

My Top 5 LUSH Products

There are few things in this world I love better than a stroll into a LUSH store. Acting all casual like, 'Am I gonna buy something?' Of course I am, but it's a fun game I like to play with myself. Since I started overhauling my beauty cupboard, LUSH has become a quick fixture. I know everything in there is natural, fresh and organic so I don't have to worry about having a reaction to it (but pro tip, if you do they'll refund you!).

Here are the all-time favourites I have bought again and again...

The Comforter Bubble Bar

Amusingly enough I can't stand the body wash version of this! Why am I like this? No one knows, but I highly recommend the bath bomb! It's blackcurrant scented and I always find myself going back to this one, plus any LUSH addict knows the bubble bars are superior to the bombs (and better value because you get more than one bath out of them).

Silky Underwear Dusting Powder

Bear with me on this one because I know it sounds strange and a little TMI, but this is a great product! Sure you can put it in your underwear for an all-natural freshness hit, however what I really like to use it for is chafing. Yeeeeep, that old chestnut. This beauty will soak up an excess sweat, and I'll sometimes pop it down my bra or under my arms on a hot day so I feel dry and smell like a vanilla cupcake. Do not judge me, just try it.

Fresh Farmacy Cleanser

Anyone who reads this blog (or has to come near me) will have heard me moan about my sensitive skin like I'm the only person in the world that suffers from it. It seems to be something that has happened since I started getting older (woo!) and it's led to reactions and dryness from generic cleansers. However this product is so gentle and kind to my skin and I will never go back.

Dream Cream 

This lavender scented moisturiser is a classic LUSH product and before you're all like "this list sucks", just remember classics are classics for a reason. That reason is they're amazing FYI.


My sister got me onto this one after I had a breakout of super attractive eczema around my eyes and she said it had cured a rash she had on her mouth. I bought it figuring something with only three ingredients couldn't possibly make it worse, and it went one better and cured it! I keep the tub in my bag at all times because it's actually better than Paw Paw (yeah, I said it). You can literally use this on EVERYTHING.

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