Wednesday, December 27, 2017

What I Learnt In 2017

Drum roll please... *silently nods to thank you all* Yes, I am back with my annual wrap up/life advice/musings that you should or should not listen to depending on your own experiences and judgement. But I am probably right so take note.
2017 was a pretty solid year for me. I got a kick ass new job, got approved for a loan (so hopefully will buy my first home soon), went to Morocco for the first time and Spain for the third time and re-jigged my love life. Without further blathering, here's everything I learnt in 2017...

  • Cheese gives you weird dreams.
  • The trick to getting shit done is to find a way to make the unbearable more bearable i.e. exercise is more likely to happen for me when there are rewards involved.
  • Don't feel ashamed about trying to get closure, at least you won't wonder anymore.
  • Always have a second Instagram account for maximum lurking.
  • Living with your parents as an adult is a great way to ruin your social life.
  • Don't worry about how others might view you, they're more interested in themselves than what shoes you're wearing.
  • Adding someone you don't know on Facebook is the modern equivalent of getting into a strangers car because they have candy.
  • Instead of straight up asking for people's thoughts on an issue you have, ask yourself "am I okay with being treated like this?". Your inner compass knows best.
  • Being a slow text replier is only acceptable if you've known someone more than 6 months and you know their mum's name. 
  • Don't build your identity around anything that you can lose or have taken away.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Runway Rip Offs: The Fashion Week Items To Buy If You're On A Budget

All the hottest looks for 2018 have well and truly dropped now that the world's Fashion Weeks have wrapped up. Like always, there are some key style takeaways you can start adopting now so you're on the front foot when it comes to fashion, but who has the budget for Dior and Isabel Marant? Not me that's for sure! What I do have the (time) budget for though is hunting down (I lurveeee Lyst for this!) some great dupes of the top runway looks online...

Pastel Velvets

Velvet is here to stay but it's getting a face lift and leaving it's vampy roots behind in favour of light and bright shades of lemon, baby pink, mint and lilac.


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Real Life

Wild Wild West

Western style is always a favourite and good old fashioned saloon style skirts, cowboy boots and bolo ties are bringing their traditional spin to modern clothing.


Real Life

80s Silhouettes

Bigger is better as large shoulders, nipped waists and high cut 'mum' pants make a rocking come back.


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Real Life

Crystal Clear

Rain bonnets your nan would love, plastic shoes Kimmy K would rock and transparent EVERYTHING is going to be a trend to watch if you trust Chanel (I certainly do!).


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Summery Pyjamas

Dressing down has been big for a while now and we saw pyjama style pop onto the scene a few seasons ago, but what I'm really excited that's been all over the Fashion Week runways is a summery version of the undone trend. Think light cotton fabrics,shorts instead of pants, brighter hues and floral designs. 


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Sweet Grunge

Punk princess meets Tokyo's Harajuku scene. Fishnets pair with bright tutus, My Little Pony shirts sit alongside studs, and the deadliest heels are complimented with a smile.


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All The Purple

Eggplant, lilac, mauve, heliotrope and plum: you name a shade of purple and it was on the runways. Purple is long overdue to have a turn in the spotlight and now is the time to snap up some key pieces!


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Monday, October 2, 2017

2017 Fascinator Styles For Racing Season

Racing season is upon us! And with great races comes great fashion responsibility, and no one wants to be unfashionable on the field. Here are the 2017 fascinator trends I've been spotting this racing season to set you up with some winning (pun intended) inspiration...













Sunday, September 24, 2017

5 In 5: Trendy Pieces That Will Elevate Your Style This Season

We're all always on the look out for the next cool thing (der, that's why you clicked here!), and I don't know how you guys feel but I think 2017 has been SPOT ON fashion wise! I've loved pretty much every trend (except for the tiny sunglasses one) and let's get ready to send it off with a bang! Here are 5 key pieces you can add to your wardrobe for chips thanks to Zaful that'll take your style to the next level!

1. An Off The Shoulder Checked Shirt Dress
Gingham is back in a BIG way. This checked shirt dress is cheerful (red is also big again), versatile and casually undone.

2. Thick Waist Belt
Cinched waists a la the 1920s are all over the runways and street style blogs. Pair the thick belt with voluminous shirts or layers for max. style.

3. Geometric Earrings
Sharp design, sharper fashion slayage. Geometric style earrings are the hottest accessory this season and for good reason, they make every look seem designer!

4. Sports Luxe Sock Boots
The sock boot trend isn't going anywhere, but it has been added to with new sportier looks and fun colours, like this chic burgundy pair.

5. White Denim
It's white hot up in here! Blue denim is taking a back seat to fresh to death white denim this season. Extra points for boxy, oversized or distressed pieces.

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8 Actually Useful Things You Can Do On A Long Train Commute

I'm 'lucky' enough to get to travel to work an hour each way every day. In fact, I've caught the train to and from somewhere every day since high school, so I have had the time to truly master the commute. As someone who always has a million little things to be doing, I've figured out how to make the most of your downtime and do useful (and not creepy or disruptive) things with your otherwise boring train time.

1. Learn Something

This is probably my favourite thing to do on the train, but grab a book or download a documentary on a topic you want to know more about and then use the commute to get educated. I LOVE doing online courses on Future Learn too. They've got courses for all sorts of things and the layout is super easy.

2. Write Up A Storm

I realise not everyone is a writer but journaling is really therapeutic and brushing off those writing skills from primary school is pretty fun (I think so anyway). If you're not opposed to extra screen time and bring a laptop on your commute, you can also write blog posts *wink wink*

3. Meditate

This is something I've taken up recently and trust me, it's worth it! Giving back to your brain is extremely important for mental health, and hello, you're sitting there doing nothing anyway! There's plenty of apps for guided meditation if that's your thang, but I just downloaded a 20 minute meditation music track to close my eyes and chill out to.

4. Pelvic Floor Exercises

We've covered off the mind and now for the body! Girls, no one knows you're working on your pelvic floor muscles while you're sitting quietly in your seat and it's fun to do and giggle to yourself about as you squeeze away.

5. Listen To Podcasts

Five words for you: My Dad Wrote A Porno.You will laugh until you cry and probably look like a nutcase but who cares, this is one of the all time best podcasts in my opinion, but if it's not your style (or you're already finished like me) you can find HUNDREDS on that'll take your fancy and amuse you for an hour.

6. Create Playlists

If you're a music buff you should be able to amuse yourself by going through your phone or Spotify (or iPod if you're old school) and making different playlists for different moods. I have a playlist on Spotify that is entirely dedicated to songs about wolves (I shit you not). Trust me, it's fun.

7. Meal Plan

I'm a fan of being prepared when it comes to food because quite frankly, I cannot be trusted in the heat of the moment. If you're like me, use your commute to figure out some healthy meals you want to try this week and make shopping lists of the ingredients you need to buy.

8. Wish People Happy Birthday On Facebook

Ah the most hollow of all well wishes! If you do feel the pressure to reach out to people on their special day in the bid to make up for the fact that you're too busy to talk to them properly, the train is the place to do it. Makes you look like a good, thoughtful person and all that.

Enjoy your commute! 

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Review: Do Cheap Fashion Bikinis Live Up To The Hype?

When Summer is on it's way, the hunt for new season bikinis is on. Whether you're after the perfect lace up style or specific high-waisted blue bikini bottoms, you're sure to stumble across sites like Rosegal (similar to Zaful) that offer on trend pieces for less. At less than $25 for a bikini when other brands are asking $200, it's extremely tempting. But is it worth? Well I got my hands on some el cheapo swimwear and here's what I thought...

Here are the two bikinis I chose:

A one-shoulder high waist scallop edge light blue bikini (trying to get every trend in one go clearly!)

And a mustard yellow tied front bikini.

The Sizing

This is the bit that stops most people buying cheap bikinis. Asian sizing is not the same as Western sizing so go into this knowing you'll most likely have to go a size or two up. I'm usually an AU 10 (and a D cup up top) and went for a large in both, knowing they'd run small and wanting to give an accurate review of the sizing in two quite different styles.
The blue bikini was actually on the big side and is quite a generous fit. It doesn't have any hard stitched edges and is pretty damn flattering because of it. It's a very soft style, but perfectly stretchy. If you're looking at getting one, I'd recommend choosing a size a bit closer to your normal one as there is a lot of give.
As for the yellow bikini, I'm VERY glad I got a large. The top half accommodates my assets fine which is a very pleasant surprise and the band isn't too tight. The bottom half though doesn't have as much give as I would have liked, so while it fits, the string sides do dig in a little. If you've got a bit of a muffin top like me, I'd pick a style with wide sides. In saying that though, the cut of it is fab and the I love how the back makes my butt look.

The Quality

The quality was what surprised me the most! It was really good!
These are not see-through bikinis where your bits are going to shine through (lol at the visual though). The blue style is quite thick and I think this is due to it's light colour, so in my opinion that shows they were definitely made with wearability in mind. Everything is lined properly and we all know how important that is in a bikini!
The stitching is all perfect and the clips on the yellow bikini are good quality that don't slip out when wearing.

Would I Buy Again?

I would definitely add more one season wear bikinis to my wardrobe from here. If I loved a style and thought it wasn't going to last until next season (which is super common these days thanks to fast fashion), I'd look at getting a cheap bikini so I didn't feel like I'd wasted money when I didn't want to wear it again next year.

Disclaimery stuff: While Rosegal didn't pay me for this article, they did kindly send me products to review. All opinions are my own of course, because that's how I roll.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

2017's Biggest Trend Is 100% Going To Be Embroidered Summer Dresses

Old school Russian women were onto something alright. Traditional embroidered outfits are making a BIG comeback this year and it's all going to reach fever pitch this Summer. How do you wear it without getting dolled up in an actual sarafan*? Here are five embroidered summer dresses from Rosegal you need in your wardrobe...

1. Make It Oversized 
Trendsetters know the quickest way to make something look edgy is to add some volume. I'm loving the simple embroidered accents on this dress! It's loose and breezy enough for Summer AND will take you into Winter.

2. Work It
A tailored shirt dress with cute accents (like these birds) is a great way to get the trend into your work wardrobe. Just roll up the sleeves for extra style and if the weather gets too warm.

3. Bohemian Dream
Nothing says Boho like embroidery! Dress up (or down) a navy number with tan accessories and loose curls.

4. Velvet Combo
Perfect for a balmy Summer night out, an embroidered velvet midi dress is super luxe.

5. A Little Bit Of Mesh
Mesh and embroidery go together like lamb and mint. The best way to rock it is a flirty mesh skirt or dress overlay with bright stitching.

You want some new clothes, why not taking a look over here?
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Time for a new outfit!

*Yeah I Googled what they're called. This is a serious blog people 😉